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Pregnancy symptoms in 2ww

Hi all,

I am 8/9dpo and have woken up with a full on head cold. I’ve got AF style cramps, lower backache, woke up feeling sick yesterday, can’t sleep, sore boobs and bumps around nipples that aren’t normally there and waking up at stupid o clock.

My mind is running away with itself...I’m convinced that these are all really positive signs but also aware that it well could be desperation as we begin ivf next month? Anyone else had similar symptoms resulting in a bfp and when’s best to test? My otd would be wed but that’s the same day we go for our first ivf consult appt and not sure I can handle both things in the same day!! 😬🤞🏼 thanks x

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If you decide to test before otd then your best chance of detecting a pregnancy is probably with first response early response test x


Testing early is always a hard one - you need to prepare yourself for the worst if you test too early and get a negative, it is upsetting and it might not be a true result and this can change to positive or stay negative. Can be a real head wrecker!! As Lizzielizzielizzie said first response is the best for early testing! Good luck!xx


Hiya, are you saying this could be a natural pregnancy ahead of you starting ivf? X


That’s what I’m hoping for yes! 🤞🏼🤞🏼 xx


Ah! Your 2ww title threw me as I thought you were in your ivf 2ww! That'd be amazing if you were but great that you can get the ball rolling if you aren't. I tested 9 days post transfer and got a bfp! I used clear blue digital. Good luck! X

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