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Quick decision. Regret taking UTOLVLAN


Hi. I’ve recently started taking Utovlan to bring my normally regular period on. I was on long protocol after a miscarriage and a BFN on frozen transfer. After a call from hospital I was told my op to have ovary removed would clash with egg implantation.

IVF clinic changed to short protocol with no discussion with me even though they told me long protocol would be better for me. I had to rush to clinic to get Utovlan and take 1 5mg tab 3 times a day for 5 days. I’ve done this. 4 days after off finished taking them and still no period. My periods are like clockwork fortunately and I can’t help feel like this has all been rushed. This will not help as I’ve been signed off work with stress and affects these tablets have caused (I have high hormone levels in blood and suffer terribly with periods). I was due to take injections from last Friday (day 21 of cycle for long protocol) instead I need to wait for my period which I feel has been forced on really don’t know what to think. I know i should be positive but I don’t see why they have to rush everything and change treatment plan. I understand 1 ovary will reduce chances however I feel this was best option for me as periods are all in sync and body understands what’s happening. Now I feel egg retrieval will be hindered due to having to bring period earlier when really there was no need. Egg retrieval would have been 16/04 operation isn’t scheduled until 30/04. I know I should be thankful for the attempt on NHS but this was final attempt and I feel like it’s over before it’s started. Has anyone else had to take these tablets before when periods are usually fine? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


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Hi there lm sorry l don't know anything about your treatment plan. But l just want to encourage you to talk with your clinic. Let them know you feel rushed and stressed. They need to support you; not make things worse. I hope they are receptive. All the best.

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