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Can I take ibuprofen while taking buserelin?


I’m on my day 10th day with buserelin. This is my first round in this adventure. I’m having my period and I feel much more pain than in my normal periods. I have also muscle pain in my back and body, i.e. is like feeling as having flue but without flue. The buserelin is really taking me down. So I wonder if is it ok to take some ibuprofen or other painkillers?

Many thanks!😀 and Happy Easter 🐣

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Hi Coqa. So sorry to hear that. Best to stick to regular paracetamol for now unless you are prescribed anything else. No anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen as there can be possible side effects. Hope you soon find some comfort. Diane

Yes,only safe pain killer I’ve heard mentioned/read of that is safe to use is paracetamol..and defo asked to stay away from ibuprofen .all the best.

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