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Preparing for first round of IVF.


Hi everyone,

Not 100% sure when we are going to start IVF as the clinic haven't given us a round about time. I am mainly worried about the effects all the injections and hormones are going to have on my body. Can anyone share their stories with me at all? We've been trying nearly four years and I've just had my left tube removed due to ectopic and my right tube/ ovary are underdeveloped, so IVF is our only option (I'm just very worried about it all!).


Kirsty x

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Unfortunately I can’t tell u how u will feel with all the medication as I don’t start the injections till Friday but I have had my right tube removed and my left is not functioning (whatever that entails) so just wanted to wish you luck and it’s surprising what our bodies can handle, everyone on here is really supportive tho xx

Thanks for your reply hun. Did you have an ectopic pregnancy too if you don't mind me asking? Obviously don't tell me if you don't want to talk about it I understand it's a very sensitive subject. Thanks for wishing me luck too, would be nice to keep chatting with you throughout your medication and your journey if you would like to? Xx

No I never had an ectopic pregnancy, I was due to start my treatment 6 months ago but once I went in for my scan when my periods started they found fluid in my right tube they advised I get it removed they also checked the left while they were in there but decided to leave it. Yes am happy to chat throughout the journey, it’s nice to have people to talk to that understand what ur going through. Feel free to dm anytime you like xx

The surgeon said I have fluid in my right tube which I hope won't delay it all too much as I know the funding is getting smaller! Thank you :) I was just reading up about it all earlier and had a little cry worrying about it all- I am a worrier though! Xxx

I think google is sick of me the amount of times am on there looking up one thing or another 🤦🏻‍♀️ hope u get some answers soon as to when u get to start the treatment. I have been on the pill for over a week and the first 5 days were horrendous for me I couldn’t stop crying and was so moody but since yesterday I feel loads better so am expecting the injections to give me the same effect but am just taking each day as it comes xx

Hi Kirsty, I have just started Ivf treatment and am now on day 11 of down reg injections, burselin, on long protocol. I felt exactly the same as you before starting and was terrified of the side effects I think more than anything else.

I have recently started a new job and was dreading the headaches and mood swings and was worried I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work but so far so good, apart from feeling a little tiered in the evenings I feel fine. In all honesty I feel a bit more relaxed now I have started. Prior to starting I was struggling to sleep etc.

I am just taking one day at a time and as long as I feel ok today I don't think about tomorrow. My partner is doing the injections for me each morning which is nice and makes him feel involved.

Good luck with everything , I wish you all the luck in the world. Xx

KirstyC90 in reply to Jm82

Thanks for your e-mail that was very informative and reassuring too. I'm worried they're going to be painful too! I mean I know at the time if I think they hurt I'll probably just be like oh well I want a baby I'll have to, but it's just the thought of it at the moment! I'd love to keep up with you to see how you're getting on. I'm worried about work too as my job is fairly new too xx

Jm82 in reply to KirstyC90

There honestly not that bad, within a few days you will get the hang of them and they do become part of your morning routine. The thought of them is worse than actually doing it, I think.

Try not to think too far ahead and take each day/appointment at a time.

Do you know if your doing long or short protocol yet?

Very happy to keep in contact and any questions do please ask xx

KirstyC90 in reply to Jm82

I literally have no idea about any plans to be honest. We've been with a clinic for at least two years now and up until now we were told we were fine and put in the unexplained category. Now after my ectopic it was discovered my left tube was very scarred and my right one too short and right ovary underdeveloped (which is odd as I had a patency test done!). So I've lost trust in the clinic a bit which doesn't help either as surgeon said they should really have noticed my short tube. Anyway- I've got an appointment in a couple of weeks but we are having to start over with all new tests ect, so who knows how long it will all take. Plus I think I'll have to have my other tube removed first xx

Jm82 in reply to KirstyC90

Sorry to hear of the issues you are facing and I hope you get some news soon, the waiting is the worst xx

Foodie23 in reply to Jm82

I'm just starting my IVF journey and have been having similar fears as ChristyC90. Reading your post made me feel a lot better. Thank you for sharing your experience. It definitely gives me hope.

All the worries are to be expected. On Tuesday I start my third round and I’m worried the injections will hurt and I’ll get them wrong and that I’ll be a grumpy cow bag on the hormones. However... I just have to remind myself it’s never as bad as you think. In fact it gets so easy I think one of my previous posts claims I could be a qualified nurse! 😂

I will say that the hormones can be a bit crazy; or that I’m not sure if it’s the drugs/hormones or just the crazy stress of it all that really cause issues if you don’t remember to take care of yourselves. I remember having some hell raising arguments with Mr Emu during our first round... eventually one night he came home and said: we’re going out for dinner. We need to be kind to each other. Your OH won’t completely understand what’s going on or how you feel and if you don’t tell him... or find time for each other... it can be stressful. Now; three rounds in, we’re experts! Plan nice things.

And... my biggest tip... (gosh I’m on a roll here!) you may not feel like doing this, especially at first... but in my first round I injected every night at 7pm. Always at home and in the bathroom. This meant our entire life was centred around always being at home. We missed out on things; I was late for events; we missed being with friends. That caused stress too. In our last round, I injected at a football club, in a restaurant in London while away with work, at my mother in laws, and at a bar in Leeds. I felt so much more normal. On Tuesday I’ll be in my bathroom; but a week or so in I’ll be happy to inject out of the house.

Good luck xx

Hi Kirsty! I've done one cycle already but it didn't end in a positive for me. I think in relation to how you feel, everyone feels and reacts definitely to the meds. I felt fine on my meds and found the injections fine none of it was as bad as I thought they would be. I know someone who had already been through a few cycles and she had a rough time with it and I was expecting mine to be worse than it was based on her experience. I think when you haven't been through it yourself there is the apprehension and worry of the unknown. Good luck xx

KirstyC90 in reply to AnnieAnnie

You're right I think it is the unknown for me. I just know my body always reacts to medications it seems any side effects going, I'll get them! Thank you :) xxx

Please don’t worry about a thing, I’ve found during both my cycles of IVF the nurses/embryologists/doctors to be reassuring and knowledgeable. And mostly tactful!

The hormones didn’t affect me in any other way than how they were supposed to. I didn’t suffer side affects, maybe a bruise or two from a clumsy injection attempt. But before you know it you’ll be a pro!

Sending you all the love and luck in the world, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. But having read what you’ve already been through, you seem to be made of tough stuff already! 👍🏻See this as the start of a new beginning! Xx

KirstyC90 in reply to Princes14

Thank you for your response that made me smile :) I just feel a bit overwhelmed by it all at the moment. I hope it does all go ok xxx


Hi Kirsty. As the others have said, nerves and worries are to be expected but I promise you'll be fine.

I am 2 weeks into a long protocol; I down regged with buserelin for 11 days and started stims (menopur) on Thursday. I was so nervous about injecting but it really wasn't that bad - I do them as soon as I get home from work, in my bedroom around 6pm. I have a little ivf meds corner! I've been very calm throughout and only had headaches for a couple of days during down regging which I managed with paracetamol. I may have been a bit irritable but that was around my AF and is a normal symptom for me! I can't say whether or not the menopur will affect me as it's early days, but if it does it is only for a short time.

Doing the injections feels so easy I worry I'm not doing it right, but my scan on Thursday confirmed that I had down regged so I must be. Of course I'm now worried I'm not stimming properly and won't get any follicles but my scan on Tuesday should out my mind at ease.

There are always going to be ups and downs in this process but I would advise taking one step at a time and keeping yourself occupied. Also, everyone is different; I have friends who have told me they found the physical side of ivf really straight forward with minimal side effects, and I've had others telling me it was horrible and to prepare myself for the worst, so you just can't call it! Just look after yourself as much as possible and be nice to yourself if you're finding it hard. You're entitled to feel hard done by and/or resentful at times (I know I do in general), that's normal.

Good luck with it all. Let us know how you get on xx

KirstyC90 in reply to Hidden

Thanks very much, yes I do find it hard and I guess all you guys wonder why it has to be so hard sometimes too! Xx

Hidden in reply to KirstyC90

Absolutely! It's crap that we have to create our families this way - it's one worry after another. The onus is all on us women too so it's no wonder we feel so much pressure and, perhaps, a little resentful towards our partners or those who have no trouble conceiving. It's tough but you can do this. Xx

Hi Kirsty, I am currently in the 2 week wait of my first round of IVF. I was so worried about how I would be with the drugs. I do think it varies from person to person but I was really lucky. If anything I actually felt a bit better in myself while taking the injections! I've never really suffered with PUT so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Was so worried that I thought maybe it wasn't working because I felt so ok!

Fingers crossed you will be fine too ☺ just take it day by day. Wishing you lots of luck xx

KirstyC90 in reply to Ekjones86

That sounds promising, thank you. I had never thought of it in that way! Maybe I will feel better! I send you all the luck in the world xxx

Ekjones86 in reply to KirstyC90

Sorry I pressed send before I had finished typing! And I meant PMT not PUT ha ha!!


KirstyC90 in reply to Ekjones86

Haha that's ok I read it like that anyway! X

Hi KirstyC90!

I’m currently 2 weeks into buserelin injections and started taking Gonal F today, think I’m on a short protocol, got about 9-10 days left before our final scan...

I don’t think I was mentally ready for what was about to happen when all of my meds arrived! It was quite overwhelming but I just decided to take each day/drug/week as it came, in honesty I’m not even thinking about the end result right now!

When being told about the regime and shown how to do the injections we were advised that there would be side effects - however, I’ve not felt any different (yet!). My husband might say different but I think that’s because he’s expecting me to be a nightmare and I’m probably milking it a bit lol!! I have read that when ‘stimming’ Or using the Gonal F is where you’ll feel the side effects more so watch this space!

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having at the moment. I hope they get you moving with your round soon!

Just remember that we’re all here for you if you ever need to chat, you’re not alone! Take each day as it comes :) and remember why you’re doing it xxx

Hi KirstyC90

Thank you for this post we have been recommended for IVF due to endo and one blocked tube.

I too am worried about what is involved and the dreaded needles 🙈 plus side effects. It would be great to check in and see how you and all the ladies get on.

Kelly xxx

KirstyC90 in reply to kelsbels88

Bless you it sounds like you've already gone through some hard stuff too! Yes it just doesn't all seem real at the moment and I have still got a couple of lbs to lose which is quite a bit of pressure! Xxx

kelsbels88 in reply to KirstyC90

Yeah it’s definitely been a ride 😂

Good luck I’m sure you’ll do it xxx

Hi Kirsty

I have just started my first round and on day 2 of injections. I was so worried about giving these to myself but it’s actually really easy and not at all painful. They show you how to do it and let you practice using the needles. No side effects yet.

Fingers crossed for you x

KirstyC90 in reply to Lynn31181

Thank you for this message! They’re all very encouraging! I think maybe I just worry too much! Xx

Lynn31181 in reply to KirstyC90

I’m back at the hospital on Wednesday and I beleive they change to a different injection and different type of needle. The current one is a pre-loaded pen, so I’ll let you know how the next one is. But I think I’m now over the fear of doing it, I’ll be fine. X

I was exactly the same but there was nothing to worry about. The only side effects I had were stinking headaches across my forehead for a day or two from the Norithsterone but no side effects from any injections! X

Hi. It’s hard work, there’s no point in glossing over it. But there are good stories that come from IVF and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with mine.

I’d give you a few pieces of advice if I may?

Take it at the pace you feel ready for.

Take up any counselling that’s offered. I did it alone and it got me through. Group counselling wasn’t for me but that can be available too.

Try to remember your relationship as well as your ambition to have a child as it can easily be neglected.

Book things to look forward to when treatment allows. There is life outside IVF.

Talk to your family and friends and let them support you.

Remember that people deal with things differently and though your partner may deal with it differently to you, both ways are ok.

Stay positive, it’s what will get you there. But remember that we are all entitled to our days when we feel sorry for ourselves and want to cry all day.

I wish you all the luck in the world x

Hi! I’m doing my last injection tonight so it’s pretty fresh in my mind.

Norithesterone made me a little dizzy for the first 2 days and after that I was fine.

Bemfola gave me no side effects other than a pop corn feeling in my tummy.

Cetrodide gave me bloating.

I’ve had a hot water bottle every evening to help with the uncomfortable feeling and I’ve felt tired at the end of the day but other than that I’ve carried on as normal.

I’ve got at least 15 follicles (stopped counting) and all measuring between 18mm-22mm

Good luck x

Thank you for your reply. It just all seems to be taking ages, and talking to you guys makes me realise I have no idea about what the clinic are thinking about my treatment. Xxx

Hi Kirsty,

I hope you don't me linking to an article I wrote, but it contains information about side effects that you might find useful!

The article takes you step-by-step through the IVF process, and each "step" contains a list of possible side effects:

(As it happens, I had very few side effects, and they were all perfectly manageable.)

Good luck!


KirstyC90 in reply to mishslade

Thank you very much this is very kind and helpful of you. That's the kind of thing I need just to stay in the know. It's a lot of pressure and I'm really feeling it. Thankfully I have a supportive husband xx

Rfletcher in reply to mishslade

This is a great help to a lot of us on here thank you. X

Hello, I have been to the clinic today and we have signed all of the paper work and had the results from all of my blood test. So I guess I’m kind of in the same place as you.

I now have to wait until the first day of my period when I then have a scan and I should then start the injections.

It’s good to find some people at the same stage, I’m about 15 day from the scan I think.


KirstyC90 in reply to Rfletcher

That sounds positive, how are you feeling about it all? I've got my first appointment next week to I guess talk about it all. Unsure of what the appointment is for to be honest! Good luck with your first scan :) xxx

Rfletcher in reply to KirstyC90

I’m feeling quite excited now it is all starting to progress.

I was a little down hearted after our first appointment, I was expecting to get quite a bit of info and know what the plan was but it wasn’t like that at all. We basically just got given a load of blood tests to be done and we were given a pack to read. We then had to book in for 3/4 weeks time (which was today). I just thought I would say what it was like so you know what to expect. However, you might have something completely different. I know I like to have an idea before I go to the appointments. X

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