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Severe endometriosis with IVF

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Hi ladies, I'm going to be referred for IVF hopefully very soon due I got severe endometriosis (one blocked tube and lots of adhesions). Any lovely ladies here who had successful stories of IVF with the same problem as me please? If you have,can you share it with me please.I'm so worried that IVF might not work for me. Feeling worried and down. πŸ˜žπŸ˜”. Baby dust to you all lovely ladies.

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Hi, I am 35, have stage 4 endometriosis and have successfully become pregnant via IVF at first trial (31 weeks pregnant now). I have undergone operation (in UK) to remove 4 big endometriomas from my both ovaries prior to the IVF treatment (which was abroad, Czech Republic). Most of the eggs came from my right ovary since left ovary was not responding (I suppose due to damage, scars...). There is a hope.


It can work. Although not confirmed the doctors believe that I have severe

endometriosis. They wont do more investigations due to my medical past and have had lots of operations and investigations due to Crohn's disease and having an ileostomy (stoma) but I have been told that it is pretty much 100% that!! I have adhesions and lots of scar tissue around that area and we have been unable to conceive for nearly 7 years :-( We decided that we had to give IVF a go for our own peace of mind more than anything so we knew we had tried everything. We had to go privately as I am over weight. Finding a clinic to treat us was difficult - I was to much of a risk due to medical history and being overweight, they all pretty much said it wont work so we are not willing to risk our stats!!! But with a lot of persistence and an amazing doctor we found a clinic who basically said the chances of it working are not in our favour but that everyone deserves the chance to try to become parents. So we went ahead and basically when they did egg retrieval said I had a lot of scarring on my tubes and they were practically blocked!

But the great thing is it worked :-) and on our first time as well. Never in a million years thought this would happen. We are now 23 weeks pregnant with our little girl due 5th June. So don't give up hope, stay strong and stay positive it does happen xxxx

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Very comforting To wake up and read this this morning. I'm literally starting the process too whilst having severe endometriosis. We've had our first appt & tests done but not got another appt until next month. My gynae doctor told me my results last month and I've felt totally helpless not knowing what it means. He said nothing to be seen in left ovary and that my AMH hormones were very low! I was devestated but have to wait until 15th March for our options. So it's comforting to read that someone has had successful IVF.

What part of the country are you from -amiraalexander?

Good luck let's both keep hope 😘

poshlady84 in reply to kitzi_kat

i also had low AMH level. keep positive. Keeping fingers crossed xx

kitzi_kat in reply to poshlady84

Thank you, have you gone on to have success IVF? It's such a scary process! I feel like I've got my head back together again as id wrote myself off and couldn't stop thinking about it πŸ‘ŽπŸ»just longing for 15th March

poshlady84 in reply to kitzi_kat


Yes we have we were very lucky and are expecting our little girl 5th June.If you read my post on this thread ( think it is above your first one) you will see that we had the odds stacked against us. We to had sort of just come to terms with the fact that we were not going to be parents when we got a letter through the post saying somewhere would treat us. Keep positive xxx

I definitely have a success story! Took over 2 years and various specialists to reach ivf. One consultant said my endo was the most severe case he had seen! My first op was over 5 hours - however as far as I know it's never come back. Anyway basically my right side is totally rubbish - ovary, tube the lot. I was also told I had polycystic ovaries (not the syndrome though). I started my first cycle with really low drugs as I was at risk of hyper stimulation. After 2 weeks nothing much had grown so the cycle was cancelled! I waited a long 53 days to start again. Higher dose of drugs and had about 19 follicles - 5 of those on the right! Anyway came to egg collection and they could only get 5 eggs due to cysts. 3 matured and fertilised and one was left by day 3. We will meet that one little egg in about a weeks time when I am due to give birth to our little boy!!!! The clinic I went to had research days where they shut down and look at what has worked and what hasn't. I was told by the consultant nurse that severe endo had the best chance of success with ivf! So good luck, take each day as it comes and I hope you get the outcome you deserve xxxxx

It can work! I was the same, never thought it would happen for us, I've got severe endo, kissing ovaries, two blocked and swollen tubes (which have now been partly removed due to them halfing our chances), a cyst on each ovary pretty much covering the whole surface and everything being stuck to everything.

I had my 10 week scan on Friday

Good luck x

I have severe endo aswell and just about to start ivf so it is good to hear these success stories. My friend had 3 rounds that never worked but fell pregnant naturally after getting endo operated on. They won't do an op on me at the moment for some reason and say ivf is my best chance. Fingers crossed for all ladies going through this. X

I also have severe endo and blocked tubes. I found out a year ago that we would need IVF but I am still awaiting treatment. Even though the specialist recommended IVF for us back last year we have had to jump through lots of hoops and do loads of different tests. We are due to start treatment in May. Be prepared for a long wait unless you are going private. It is encouraging to see positive comments and success stories though. Best of luck xxx


Hi to all the lovely ladies here. Thank you so much for all your replies. I'm originally from Seychelles, but been living in England the past 8 years. On top of the severe endometriosis I got fibroids, RA and SLE(RA and SLE are 2 auto immune diseases). I'm on constant medications for my auto immune diseases. But I was diagnosed with fibroids and severe endometriosis just last year. I have to come off some of my auto immune diseases medications due they are very toxic and can cause deformity with the baby. So I've been working really close with my rheumatologist to keep both my auto immune diseases under control. When I was diagnosed last year in August with endometriosis my gyneacologist prescribed clomid for 3-4 months due my left tube is still patent. But unfortunately nothing happened I think due I have lots of adhesions. I got an appointment on the 19 February to see my gyneacologist to discuss IVF. I've already choosen the hospital as she gave me a leaflet in my last appointment when I saw her. I've choosen St Bartholomew Barts hospital. At the moment I'm attending Basildon hospital. so ladies what kind of questions do you suggest I should ask my gyneacologist when I see her on the 19 February? Sorry for the long story. Wishing you all lovely ladies good luck!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ€β˜˜

kitzi_kat in reply to Hidden

Keep strong, I think it is easy to get down with it all but we have to have hope :) I'm guessing we're going through this at the same time so if you need anything just shout! I don't understand much of it yet x

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