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Shall i carry on with coq10 after scratch?

Hi Guys,

I know this may sound daft,but shall i carry on taking coq100 after my endo scratch?

I've been taking it for about 3 months now and i had my end scratch of friday in prep for my 2nd fresh ivf cycle. I know coq10 can help rejuvenate cells so wondered if they might help repair my scratch quicker and then i t might not work, i appreciate this sounds silly lol, just after some advice of anyone knows?!


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I continued to take mine after scratch along with the other vitamins I was taking. Good luck x

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Interesting question and one I hadn’t thought of.. following.. xx

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Hi lovely, Although 8

I didn't have a scratch, my doctor said to keep taking it up to egg collection because of its positive effects on egg quality.

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