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Insensitive people

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Urgh just woken up from a nap to find an inbox from someone I'm Facebook friends with (we were in a bridal group together) with her babies gender reveal photo and nothing more - no message or anything.

Now before anyone gets at me - these things do not upset me, after ttc for 4 years almost you learn to get used to seeing these types of things and I'm genuinely happy for anyone who gets pregnant naturally so they don't have to go through what we are.

My irritation around it is that when she announced she was pregnant she had just weeks before split from the dad of this baby plus two of her other kids (she has 5 in total - 2 different dads) this isn't that relevant and I'm not judging situations etc but with her announcement she posted it on Facebook - didn't inbox it to me. I think I comment saying congratulations as I always do when I see posts like this. Then a few weeks ago she posted asking people to guess the gender and I didn't comment so why the need to inbox me with this? She's clearly going to post the gender reveal on her page as she asked people for guesses so why inbox the photo of that and only that, (no message asking how I am etc) to someone that she knows lost a baby and is currently going through ivf?

We aren't close friends, have never met in person and the last time she inboxed me was May last year when I lost my baby - like I get she's probably just excited but urgh it's just annoyed me a bit especially with my scan coming up tomorrow. Of course she doesn't know about that so the bad timing isn't her fault but I'm very honest on my Facebook about our ivf journey and struggles.

Like I said it hasn't made me sad or jealous or anything but it just irks me that some people don't think before doing things like this. Anyway grumble over

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Good luck for tomorrow!! 😊🤞 xx

I can't stand when people do stuff like this, she sounds like a proper attention seeker! I hope you are doing OK xx

I agree attention seeker she sounds like. Ppl do a lot if that on Facebook I gather from others who use it. Just ignore them 💗

Good luck for your scan tomorrow hun💗🤗😘

Its that thing where women who never have any fertility issues just don't think about their friends who have!

That would have peed me off too!

I'm so glad I deleted my Facebook, I don't miss it at all :-)

Good luck for your scan tomorrow hope all goes well xo

Thanks ladies. Just needed a vent.

I wish I could delete my Facebook for a while but I can't as I have my business page on there (I do newborn photography - see I told you I'm not jealous of people's babies 😉) and it's where I get all my business from.

Roll on 8.30am tomorrow - have no idea how it's going to go but hoping for the best xx

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