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New life clinic in Greece


Hi all

I have decided to pursue ivf treatment in Greece and this clinic seems to be one of the leaders. Does anyone have experience of this particular clinic or recommend any other clinics in Greece please? Any information will surely help us in our search so many thanks in advance

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Hi Rainbowhope, I am with that clinic. However I am very new to this as it’s my first private cycle and it’s donor egg too so a bit different. We have 8 top quality embryos in the freezer waiting for us in May! So far I have been very impressed with them, but obviously have no indication of success at this stage. x

Rainbowhope in reply to WeeMrsH

Hi WeeMrsH

So nice to hear that. We had a free consultation with them last Sunday. They were the only people that listened to us and gave as real hope. We spoke about donor eggs and the doctor told me that we should try with my own eggs because I’m 35 and, according to them, too young for donor eggs at this stage. It’s our first private cycle too. Bit scary but positive. Can I ask where u stay when you go out there?

WeeMrsH in reply to Rainbowhope

I am 36 and we’ve had 3 cycles using my own eggs. So we are using donor. I always trust that they will advise you properly so I’d be encouraged to hear they think you should try with your own eggs. They are all very nice there and really seem to know what they are taking about, and take the time to explain things. They are also really responsive when you have queries. We have only been out once for 2 nights, I can’t even remember the name of the hotel but to be honest it wasn’t very nice and it’s a massive city so there will be loads. When we go in May for the transfer, we will be out for a week so we are going to Halkidiki which is about an hour away from the clinic, but it’s a holiday resort beside the ocean so we can relax and have a holiday feel x

Rainbowhope in reply to WeeMrsH

Sounds like you have a good plan for treatment. Wishing you the best and I’d love to hear your good news in May xxx

Im not being treated at your clinic but we are having treatment in Athens using DE. Was just going to say Air B n B is a good option to look at for reasonable accommodation, this is what we did and it helped keep the price down for us but still chose somewhere nice by the beach! Good luck for treatment.xx


I have used them after 3 fails with OE. First time successfull with DE sadly lost at 17 w went onto have 2 x FET but failed. Last chance saloon now gonna do 1 more and hope for the best.

They really are a great clinic and team x

Rainbowhope in reply to Hidden

Best of luck for the next round. I will pray for you to ge the right result next time. Xxxxx


Hi, we are flying out to Thessaloniki in 3 weeks to start the process of donor egg IVF at the NewLife clinic.

We are having a scan and all necessary blood tests there and if everything is ok then we will go for the IVF in September /October.

So far I think the climic is very good and I am looking forward to starting the process with them. :)


I am happy to hear that you will be going through egg transfer. Of course, I am aware that it sounds like a big hurdle to patients. However, this should not be the case. The truth of the matter is that this is a pain-free process that will last for less than 3 hours. The fact that it is happening should throw you into a carnival mood and you should not panic. Now I will briefly outline the things you should do to maximize your chances. First, you need to request for the most experienced doctor. Unfortunately, this may not be easy since it is hard to determine the best doctor at the facility. The experience of the doctor to carry out the transfer matters a lot and determines your chances of succeeding.

If you are in the 40+ bracket, you may need to ask your doctor to transfer 2 or more eggs. This is important because it helps to increase chances of having at least one embryo attaching itself. The risk is that you may actually end up with multiples. Also, it is important to remember that multiple conceptions come with risks of pre-term birth and pre-eclampsia.

Now after the embryo transfer, most women think that they need to go and sleep. This not true. In fact, you double your chances by relaxing and staying upright. You can have a walk out with your husband but don’t touch on alcohol and coffee. Also, you should avoid strenuous work. Just relax and calm down.

No first hand experiences, but you might compare a clinic, and see what success rates they have via eggdonationfriends. Good luck with yr treatment

Hello Rainbowhope, i will recommend you to go to IVF ATHENS CENTER it's the best from personal experience. i have been to almost all of the clinics in Greece and at the end i went to IVF ATHENS CENTER. they are excellent and very professional. IVF Athens center , DR Athanasiou and his team made me feel at ease from the first moment something extremely important when you have to go through this process.

Due to health problems, i couldn't get pregnant myself and i needed egg donor,

at IVF ATHENS CENTER they helped me find a surrogate, that will carry my baby to term, using another women egg and my husband's sperm.

I have a healthy baby and the pregnancy went very well moreover my baby looks like me more

i recommend you to go there and you will not regret it.

i wish you Goodluck

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