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One step closer to ivf in Greece


To day is a good day. For the last 7 months I have been fiting with my own GP in the UK to have me put on something for pcos and finally I am on some hormone tablets it all started in January when I had a Skype conversation with the new life clinic in Greece and he cud not understand how I have been left with out treatment the last time I had a period was when I was 17 I am new 33 and I was told when I was in my 20s

That I had pcos but no one told me ther was treated for it. I only found out in January of the clinic in Greece the I am going for Ivf treatment that ther is a table that can help me to have a period and that I should have been on it year ago to help the lining of my womb to stay healthy if I don't it can have lots of health problems ie diabetes, cancer to the womb, and lots more but when he said the c word my heart sank to my feet. I then made a call to my one GP and when I seen the doctor told them all about the Skype call. BIG mistake the doctor said because I got the clinic in Greece involved thay cud not help so after months of back and forth I asked to be referred to a gynecologist in the UK so that I cud sit and have them tell me thay are not helping. So my apontment was on Monday and it was the best news I am now on tables to help me have a period so that I have a better chance with the Ivf. I hope that this story can help someone else out that may be going through the same thing. But now I am glad to be starting the next chapter in this ifv story.

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What a horrible time you have had. I really wish you all the best for your next step and thank you for posting. Keep strong, it will happen xxx

Thanks you so much xx


Good luck with your IVF Hun. I had issues with Endometriosis & got messed around alot in the UK. I had my IVF in Athens & my Dr couldn't quite believe what he was hearing when we discussed what my UK hospital had said & done. I hope you get a positive outcome 😘 xx

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Thank you so much xx

I have a Greek friend who has been encouraging me to go to Greece and have the treatment done there. It is our first time and my hubby wants to try out the UK first but the Greeks are definitely a few steps ahead when it comes to fertility ( and medicine in general ) . Glad you are getting there though and all the best! ❤️

Hi steph254

Yes that are If your doing it in the UK its starts from £10k and up I was on the NHS with my then partner and we were told if we when any where els one of the Ivf cycles would be taken of us but it ripped us apart so thats I am going to Greece as its half the price and the treatment its more advanced and thay have a higher socsess rate i can understand why people are going abroad to have it done it's terrible how you get treated in the UK it makes me mad it's all about the cost for them I wish you all the best on your journey x

I can’t believe you’ve been left without treatment for so long and have then had to fight to get it! I had irregular periods when I was ttc naturally and it made the whole thing so much more stressful so I can’t imagine what you’ve been going though. I’m glad you’re on the right path now. Good luck! 😊

Thank you so much yeah 15 years is a long time with no period and haveing pcos I am so angry that they have kept a table away from me and It cud have affected my health but glad I am on the right path now x

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