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Clinic decisions


My husband and I have decided that our next step is to try IVF with egg donation following 4mmc's over that past 3 years. The investigations have shown likely cause of mc as poor quality eggs due to entering early menopause. We are at the stage of deciding which clinic to go to having done a lot of research, talking and soul searching. We have currently shortlisted to Newlife Greece and CARE Notts. If anyone has any experience good or bad please can you private message me.

Also I am battling in my head about the potential effects that a potential anonymous donor if we go to Greece may have on future child with DC Network advocating openess and HFEA regulation over non anonymity in U.K. Again any experiences you maybe willing to share will be great to receive.

Thanks so much in advance for those willing to share.


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We are just about to start our first cycle using DE after 3 unsuccessful cycles with my eggs, for us we wanted to stay in the UK as I want my child to know they can and be able to trace the donor if they wish when they are older. I understand that's only our opinion and it's very personal to everyone. We are using access fertility at my clinic where you get 3 cycles, any frozen and all drugs included and if everything is unsuccessful you get a 70% refund. Private message me if you want any further details or have any questions.

Good luck with whatever option you choose xx

Suze4 in reply to Hidden

Yes I am undecided about anonymity but it really doesn't bother my husband. I just try and put myself in future child (rens) shoes. I am unfortunately too old to qualify for access otherwise think we would have explored this option. Is a great option if you qualify as you do hear stories of un successful cycles. Thanks for taking time to reply. I wish you very good luck in the next part of your journey x

Hidden in reply to Suze4

I am sure you will make the right decision for yourselves. Keep in touch xxx

We used DE for our 3rd Round of ICSI and decided to stay in the UK. Unfortunately we only got 3 mature eggs (out of 6) which I was disappointed with. We weren't allowed to know any details of how many follicles etc which was strange after using my eggs for previous rounds when you know everything. We also had to change clinics due to waiting list of 18-24 months at our first clinic. It was a much larger clinic as a less personal experience, it felt like we were just numbers rather than people. Sadly we got another BFN and no frosties.

We had to have a counselling session with the clinic counsellor prior to being accepted to use DE. This was to check we would tell any resultant baby/babies about their origins from birth. We'd already had that discussion ourselves. Once the eggs were fertilised they felt like they were "ours".

Good luck.

Suze4 in reply to pm27

Thanks for sharing your experiences. The uk clinics seem to include counselling, I didn't realise it was to ensure what you tell the child. I thought it was to ensure you are ready for the process?

I am still getting used to abbreviations. What is BFN please?

I have just had treatment in new life in Greece but with my own in 2ww. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and there's a few girls on here that have used them for donor eggs.

If I have to make that decision I'm to in a quandary about anonimity as from that perspective, I'm like Button, I want to give my child the option of knowing but I also know how much better I found treatment abroad

Good luck with your decision x

Suze4 in reply to 72cloud9

Yes, we get a good feeling about Newlife. They seem very open and fairly well recognised with good reputation.

I think the difficulty is not knowing how that child/person created in this way you never know how they will be. It may not matter to them, we are there parents and that is it. Alternatively they may feel resentful that they can never find out genetic donor and half siblings and make relationships difficult. Or am I overthinking it and you work through things ass they arise in a supportive family way?

Hope your outcome is amazing in the next few weeks and ongoing months xx

72cloud9 in reply to Suze4

These are all my fears & worries to.i haven't come to a conclusion yet on that score.would love to hear what u decide x

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