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Ding ding round 3

Hi all

After what has felt like the longest 3 months ever ive only got 2 sleeps left before we sign the paperwork for my 1st FET. I have no idea what to expect.

Its somewhat bittersweet as i would have been 20 weeks pregnant on the same day.

I have lots of stuff running round in my head panicking about what if the embies dont defrost correctly. My other biggest fear is having another miscarriage can i cope mentally, these embryo's came from the same egg collection and im worried that they will be something wrong with them so they dont develop. Or just not implanting at all.

Am i normal lol xx

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i’m very sorry for your loss - monday will be a difficult day, you’ll be in my thoughts.

wanted to wish you all the best with your FET, i’m on my second attempt, so happy to help if i can.

i know what you mean about using same embryos. none of my previous 3 have implanted, and i have no idea why. i have a wicked voice reminding me the same could happen again, but i have another reasonable voice telling me that these two could be the fighters. i hope it’s the same for you lovely.

third time lucky ☘️🤞🏻✨



Best wishes for this round. Fingers crossed for u. Take care x


I think it’s perfectly normal to worry about history repeating itself. I hope your round goes smoothly and you get your longed for BFP. I just wanted to try and give you some reassurance that not all eggs from the same batch have the same issues. I had 4 embryos from my fresh cycle. I’ve used 3 so far and had a BFP a chemical pregnancy and a BFN. Each embryo is individual so one round isn’t going to cause the same thing to be wrong with all of them x


I'm so happy you are going for it again. Your fears are justified. Please try to say positive and approach this cycle with a new faith.i had a positive pregnancy with my third cycle but my hcg levels didn't go up.

I did a fourth cycle with eggs from the same cycle and I'm here 19 weeks pregnant this Tuesday. Still amazed I got this far. Every day is a miracle.

Fear not Mrsgled and just stay positive and hopeful .all the very best for this cycle. Will be thinking of you. xx


Good luck. I’m pretty sure there’s no science at all to suggest that abnormalities come in “batches” of eggs. I’m keeping fingers crossed for you that this one is a sticky one xx


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