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6wk scan and confused... UPDATE at end


Hi All, I got a BFP a few weeks ago, and the waiting since then has been worse than 2WW for me.

We had our first scan at 6w4d yesterday and there was a gestation sac AND a fetal pole measuring 7mm AND a heartbeat - but she couldn't tell me the rate or if it was strong. BUT there was no yolk sac. They have asked us to go back next week for a repeat scan.

I am confused because I didn't think things could progress without a yolk sac? I have managed to convince myself that this means I am having a miscarriage. That maybe there was a yolk sac initially and now it has gone and the fetus won't develop further. I phoned then back to clarify and they repeated the same information.

If this is the end I just want to just know and do not want to be holding on to any false hope.

Any similar experiences or advice would be welcome. Even stories of where it didn't work out please, I want to be prepared. Thank you all x

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Yes I'm a bit confused 🤔 I'm no expert but to have a heartbeat doesn't there have to be a yolk sac? Maybe it's just not visable yet? I really hope everything is ok, and maybe one of the other women can advise more xxx

medzed09 in reply to Niki_B

Thank you that's my concern too I didn't think it was possible

I’m stumped on this one but truly hoping that all is ok for you at your next scan. Perhaps send Diane a message xx

medzed09 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks - that's a good suggestion, I didn't know if Diane read all posts or if I should contact her directly?

medzed09 in reply to medzed09

I have added the "Ask our Nurse" topic to this now so I think Diane will see it - thanks x

Tugsgirl in reply to medzed09

If not then send her a PM. She’s pretty good! xx

Im confused too, something about this is not quite right in what you've been told. However I would say that its completely possible that at 6 weeks its just too early to see a viable pregnancy and really hope that's the case!xx

Hello! This is definitely confusing? But because your so early its hard to rule anything out. The good side is that you seen the heart beat and the fetal pole which measured just about right. I know its difficult waiting i have been there but take it easy on yourself. Thinking of you xxxxx

medzed09 in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you, I know you know exactly how nerve wracking it is. I am thinking or just having an extra private scan in 3 days time? Can't decide.

TRYING2016 in reply to medzed09

I would do exactly the same, hopefully you will be reassured . Have the scan but again don’t stress yourself out sorry i know its not something you want to here. Xx

I've not got any experience of it but wanted to wish you the best of luck with your journey x


Hi medzed09. I have sent you a private message. Diane

I had my scan at 6+4 and mine only measured 4.2mm. So now I’m worrying that my little bean is too small!

medzed09 in reply to WaywardGirl

Please don't worry, that does not sound small and I was not told that mine was small either. The only concern was the nurse couldn't see a yolk sac. I'm sure they would have told you if there was something not right. Please don't let my odd result worry you xx

WaywardGirl in reply to medzed09

Good luck for your repeat scan, I’m hoping you get good news x

Our doctor told us you can't tell until 7 weeks, but hearbeat was king so to speak. I'd take comfort you can hear a heartbeat above all else, and I'm sure all will be well for your next scan. xxx

Not had any experience/can’t give advice on this but wishing you loads of luck for your next scan. Keeping everything crossed you have a positive outcome xxx


Thanks for all your kind messages. I was going out of my mind so had a private scan yesterday (7w). This time they did see a fully formed yolk sac and embryo but no heartbeat, and they looked for ages. The report said "non-viable pregnancy, sadly no heartbeat seen at today's scan"

I was upset, but I'd been more upset before that and had cried for two days after the "odd" scan on Thursday where I really felt the nurse had been dishonest with me and dismissive. I really couldn't see a heart beat on that first scan but she insisted she had seen it but couldn't point it out. Anyway we came home numb yesterday and started processing the devastating news. Many of you know how sad and hard it is.

Anyway I phoned my clinic this morning to tell them I had had an extra scan and what it showed. They have moved my planned scan forward by one day to Thursday this week and want me to continue progesterone pessaries. I feel like they are making me do this because they just can't fit me in earlier - how can the outcome be any different in five days? I know I should not have any hope that anything will change. I'm just finding it impossible to live a week as normal knowing that I have miscarried but it's undiagnosed. I took the day off work today but I guess I have to go back tomorrow as I won't officially be having a miscarriage till Thursday.

Argh - might just be hormones and stress and overthinking, so any words of help, even a gentle kick in the backside is welcome right now! Thank you amazing ladies x

Honey if you need time off, take it. You can self certify for the first week anyway and then any reasonable GP will give you a medical note if you do miscarry. You don’t even have to say “miscarriage” on the sick note if you don’t want to- my dr offered to put something else but I was ok with it saying miscarriage.

TRYING2016 in reply to medzed09

From experience don’t go to work, you will not be able to work and act like normal. Have the time off if you can. I can understand how heartbreaking this is xxxx

medzed09 in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you both you were right. I have now taken this week off as starters. Thankfully work being very supportive

TRYING2016 in reply to medzed09

I hope you are ok x


Ah bless you, I'm so sorry to read this. The wait between scans once you are pretty sure it's game over is torture. With my first loss I had to wait 2 weeks for a repeat scan then another 10 days for my D & C. It's beyond cruel! Sending you love & am thinking of you x

I went through similar - but without the first weird scan. The thing is that it has been known (rarely) for things to change. And they don't want anyone stopping everything before everyone is 100% sure that the pregnancy is non viable. The fact that they have according to their systems seen a heartbeat would mean that they want to give you and any potential baby time to grow further in order that they can see everything.

It is so hard and no matter what there is always a glimmer of hope.

I really wish that you get to see everything come Thursday and you are one of the very rare cases that work out well in the end. Xxxx


I’m so sorry to hear of this, such a confusing and upsetting time for you.

Hugs and thoughts to you xx

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