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So I plucked up the courage to be smacked in the face with a BFN. Obviously we know it's a chance but this time felt different sore (.)(.) Light headed, cramps, fatigue etc if this process teaches us anything it's that we care not in control and we actually have no idea at all what's going on till D'day. So today me and Mr CJ are off to the theatre to watch Wicked - with naughty food and prob an afternoon glass of wine!!

Back to planning the next transfer I suppose. Any ideas how long we need to wait between FET ? Just out of clinic obviously don't work weekends (which is ridiculous when you think actually how much we pay!!!) Xxx

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I'm so sorry this has happened, it's such a horrendous disappointment isn't it. So glad you have a fun day planned, try your best to put it behind you (I'm very aware this is much easier said than done btw!). Your clinic will tell you for sure how long they advise waiting for FET but mine said we could crack on after one natural cycle. Which we did, and I was feeling really strong and positive and ready, but I underestimated the emotional toil of it, so maybe bear that in mind, your mind and body might need more of a rest than you think.. Take care x

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I’m sorry Cj104, BFNs are always hard and even harder because we have no control over them.

Just to clarify because I don’t know all the lingo yet, FET is frozen embryo transfer? If so then you can start next cycle. That’s what I did last time and that’s what my consultant has suggested again after my BFN yesterday.

So basically you would wait until your period starts (usually 3-7 days) and medication would start on the second day of your period.

Best of luck and enjoy the theatre tonight xx


so sorry for your loss - i hope you find strength in the days ahead - we are all here for you.

good for you planning a lovely day together, the theatre is a great idea - something you can totally immerse yourself in.

i’m on my third round, second FET. i waited 3 months between fresh and frozen but that was due to NHS waiting times.

pretty sure privately you can have another round straight away. some clinics prefer a period first, maybe some of the other ladies can clarify?

great that you’re planning ahead already, wishing you all the best of luck.

enjoy those treats & vino!

sending love 💕


I’m sorry to hear of a bfn. I know it’s a horrible day but it’s good that you’ve got some nice plans made. I hope you can try to enjoy yourselves xx


Sorry to read this, bfn’s are rubbish. Sounds like you’ve got a fab day planned 💕 xx


So sorry hun, glad your having some time out this afternoon be good go yourselves, 💗🤗😘


Very sorry to read that CJ. Praying your next cycle goes well. Be blessed.x


I’m so sorry Hun and I cannot begin to understand what you are going through xxx


I'm so sorry to hear this xx


I am so sorry to hear of your BFN, nothing can really prepare you for it no matter how many times you go through it! Do you have another embie in the freezer for your FET? If so, as long as your body is ready to go, they should be able to get you back for a transfer soon fingers crossed! thinking of you xxx


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