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Down reg scan

I am really sorry for a silly question but I’m starting panicking a bit now...

so Ive been taking provera to induce bleeding. On the 1st day of bleeding I had prostap injection. I was told to call and book down reg scan (14th day). Now, dud I do it right?

I started bleeding in 25.02

Booked scan for 11.03

Is that 14 days? Or 15? Does it matter? Shall I call them and change it? Or am I going mad?

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Hi. Day 1 is the day you start bleeding so I would call 11th day 15. Don't panic though as if you can't change the appointment a day either way is not going to make a difference xx


Thank you Camillage!

Funny thing happened actually. I’ve called the clinic to double check and they said there’s nothing booked for me for the 11! It’s now booked for 8th. Good job I’ve checked!


Great. Hope all goes well xx

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