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9dp5dt - Not on PIO


Hi Everyone,

New here and on my first IVF cycle - had 2 2AA blasts transferred on 5th making today 9th day post transfer - since i am not on progestrone in oil shots, and only suppositories and oral medication , my Dr has asked me to do a urine test on 19th (making it 14dp5dt). But i am having AF like cramps once in a while - not full blown. I feel hot, as in feeling like a low grade fever. I was not holding out any hope for this cycle since it is my first and had just gone into it with a lot of positivity but no hope. But its easier said than done specially during the tail end of the journey. I am scared of a urine test - feel like it would never show a positive since i have had so many negatives all these 4 years i have been TTC.

anybody able to hold out for so long testing and yet got a bfp???

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Hi and Welcome :)

I'm a day behind you in the 2ww and it's also my first cycle (started in Feb but had to freeze all). I am taking Progesterone and also Estrodial and my test day is also the 19th! Seems so far away but up to now I am going to wait for OTD as I am scared that even if I did test before and get a negative or positive I'd still keep testing until the 19th anyway.

It is scary and we really don't know what the outcome will be but we need to keep positive, we have every chance. If you can, I think you should hold out until the 19th.

Good luck xx

serendipity85 in reply to genten

19th is 2 days away - i am freaking out! i was having AF cramps on and off last week, since saturday evening they are all but gone. i dont know what to think of it. still have sore bbs. wishing you all the best too!!!!

genten in reply to serendipity85

Me too! I've not had af cramps but I did have twinges and they seem to have gone now.

Such a horrible waiting game but not long now. Xx

serendipity85 in reply to genten

BFN for me :( . wish you the best!

genten in reply to serendipity85

I'm so so sorry 😥. BFN for me also. Xx

I don’t have experience of waiting for a urine test but I wouldn’t worry about AF type cramps, I had them for 4 days before my blood test, like you I was convinced it hadn’t work because in 2 years I’d never been pregnant but the results came back positive and I’m 32+1 😊 Hold on in there and 🤞 for a positive result x

i wish the same for me :)

Good luck for your test, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you x

thank you! thank you! thank you!


Hi serendipity85. It's so tough trying not to test early, but I've always advised to stick it out and test when advised if you can. Good luck! Diane

thanks diane! i am trying to wait till ODT. moments of positivity are being supressed by moments of negativity - i am actually imagining the conversation when the Dr would tell me that sorry its a negative.

Hi Serendipity we are the same day. I’m 9dp5dt and we transferred 2x5aa embabies. Waiting for Monday for my OTD. I refuse to test early and quite frankly wouldn’t test in Monday if I hadn’t booked the day off lol. I’d like to stay in my little bubble and not know lol. As you, I’ve had lots of symptoms even dry heaving the last 2-3 days when I brush my teeth but I’m trying not to read to much into it. Good luck with your test. 😘😘

thank you - i wish all the luck to you. this is such a tough journey.

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