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Egg donor clinic abroad

Hi ladies I will like to know if anyone is considering using egg donor? Since I got diagnosed with a low overianreserve I have been considering using a donor egg. is a very difficult moment in my life and a very difficult decision to make.

But I don't is wish for us to waste money on ivf if we have a low successful rate. Also considering that we are on a tight budget. I was told by an NHS doctor that this is the end of the road for us in the terms of gettibg founding from NHS because my husband found out his got a low sperm count. So whatever we are going to do moving forward has to be with a private hospital.

I'm thinking of doing it abroad since is cheaper. I'm not looking for the cheapest because my health and safety is the most important. But I'm looking to make whatever funds we have go a long way. We found some interesting fertility clinic in Poland and ezech Republic the prices seems reasonable and care info sounds good.

I'm looking for recommendation from anyone who done something similar out the UK. Any information that you can give will be much appreciated. For example recommendation for clinic with a good reputation and affordable prices.

Best of luck and Baby dust to everyone.

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Hi, we've had 3 failed cycles and whilst the Dr thinks we should call it quits because of egg quality, we have to go through 1 more cycle as we are on a refund programme. If that fails then we are looking at going for donor egg treatment in Spain, particularly Alicante. I don't have prices yet and I don't think it's cheap - the Dr said we wouldn't get much change out of £11k - thankfully the refund we get on the programme is £8k so it's less that we need to stump up. They do have a very high success rate though. I know other people on here have used other clinics in other countries so hopefully they might be able to give you an idea about prices etc xx

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I know you said outside of the UK, but I’m in London and we paid the best part of £9000 give or take, that was 6 frozen eggs and a FET xx


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