Donor Egg IVF UK or Abroad?

Hi everyone,

Following another disapointment and being unable to start short protocol with my own eggs, we are now seriously considering DE. Has anyone had donor egg ivf in the UK and can recommend a good clinic? Keep hearing about people going abroad and that some hospitals have links to foreign clinics (so prep done in uk but treatment is abroad). If anyone has researched this and can offer any advice I'd be really grateful. Thanks Xxx

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  • Hiya honey

    PM me for some info. I did and currently 6 w3d with heartbeat seen 😬

  • Will do, thanks a lot xx

  • We stayed in the UK and used egg sharing for round 3 of ICSI. Unfortunately it was another BFN but DE have worked for other ladies. Good luck!

  • Thanks for replying; so sorry to hear that it didn't work out this time. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey xxx

  • Hi nicknick, Funnily enough the site for Polish clinic popped up when I searched the other day and all sounded good. Half the price of UK clinics for treatment we're after. Great to hear positive stories, thanks a lot xx

  • Hello, Smith15! I guess I have some thoughts for you. We experienced egg donation abroad ourselves. We had been indecisive for a long period of time when got devastating news that my eggs were of no use and that we couldn't go on with them. But later happened to read so many positive thoughts as for abroad treatment that finally made the solution of favor of the Ukrainian one. Well there are so many clinics nowadays to choose from! But this one offered the most attractive DE programs as for us. It was a couple of years ago, actually sth might have changed up to this moment but I just have to share.

    We booked 5 att program there for 9900 euro. The package price included also selective reduction and all needed meds. And the most important thing about it was that they would refund all money paid in case of 5 failures.

    Ukraine gave us the opportunity to feel how it's like to be parents. Now happily bringing up our adorable son. (3rd cycle being a success!) Good luck and baby dust to all!!

  • What was the name of the clinic you used thank

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  • Sorry I don't have first hand experiences but personally I have been using fertilityfriends, eggdonationfriends and feritlityclinicsabroad- many comments and reviews, prices and success rates, discounted offers and useful info. Very best on your fertility journey

  • Thanks  for your help alockie, good luck with everything xx

  • We used donor eggs in uk and I am currently sat her feeding my 11 week old baby girl. Pm me for more info on clinic we used. It worked first time for us too x

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