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Finally got the call!

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After worrying all morning I just received a call from the clinic and out of 12 eggs 7 have fertilised so booked in for transfer on Wednesday πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ»

Feeling really sore still after EC - having another rest day today hopefully will be feeling better by tomorrow.

Hope all you ladies are well xxx

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Yay great news. Congratulations ❣️ keep resting, listen to your body. I’m still sore after my EC on Thursday. Xx

lianm8 in reply to gemmy999

Thank you! I don’t remember it hurting this much on my first round! Xx

That’s great news xxx

lianm8 in reply to Louhanlon

Thanks lovely not long for you now either xx

Good luck xx

Great news!!

Great news! Good luck for Wednesday. Rest as you need to. I felt really tired and sore for about 4 days after EC x

lianm8 in reply to Vicky35

Oh really? I don’t remember it hurting this much last time...when is your OTD? Cx

So happy for u egg collection next Wednesday and my stomach is bloated xxx all the time

lianm8 in reply to Louhanlon

I still have bloating and did before, I think it’s quite normal lovely. Make sure you drink lots of fluid xxxx

That's excellent news, well done. Keeping fingers crossed for those blastos xxx

That's great news. X x

Amazing news, good luck xx

Wonderful news. Hope you had a restful day and are feeling a little less tender by tomorrow xx

Fabulous news xxx

Hey there Hon! Such a great news. Congratulations. I m so damn happy for you. You're so lucky, do you even know that? Becoming a mother is the best thing ever in a woman's life. Nothing can compare to this feeling. This is something that every girl dreams of since childhood. I remember when i held my baby for the first time in my hands. I was just surprised. Her little hands were just so soft. And her eyes were just like my DH. And haha her tiny little nose. Everything was just so perfect. I hope everything goes well for you too hon! Good Luck! Much Love! Stay Strong and Blessed!

lianm8 in reply to LorrieWalden

Thank you xxx

Just wanted to wish you luck for transfer today!xx

lianm8 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you! It’s tomorrow but I have my intralipid today at 1.30 to prepare for it! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Cinderella5 in reply to lianm8

So it is, I did read Wednesday....that's bad when you dont know what day you're on at work! Ha ha ha Hope it all goes well!xx

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