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Got the call.. 😍😍😍

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Hi ladies..

The hospital called with fantastic news today both our embies survived thawing out and hey are going to call tomorrow with news on how they have continued to develop them hopefully we will have a double transfer tomorrow fingers crossed for all of us lots of luck to everyone on here xxx

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Good luck !! I had my fet today

liz1985 in reply to jupiter1234

Hi Sweetie...

Oh thats lovely ..buckets full of luck to us both then...our test dates will be very close if i have transfer tomorrow exciting times!! xxxxxxxx

jupiter1234 in reply to liz1985

So exciting. Are you taking all the time off work x

Yay!! Good luck to you!! X

Thank you sweetie!! xx

Good luck hunny πŸ€πŸ€ xx

Good luck xx

Good luck xx

Good luck xxx

Great news good luck for today! Xx


Good start best of luck to you xxx

Wishing you all the best with your transfer and the 2ww xx

Ooh fantastic news!! Got everything crossed for you xxx

Great news liz1985 , wishing you all the best for transfer!xx

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