Finally Got Somewhere!

Well after all the delays I finally got my sharps bin and instructions for needles today! very pleased just got to wait for first day of my next period and then hopefully I can get started very very excited and hoping for first time lucky! gave blood tests today they said if I haven't heard by Monday everything should be fine so fingers crossed for that too!! lol

Sending all of you lots of baby dust I really hope your all feeling hopeful and that you all get your miracle soon!! Good luck all!! xxx

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  • Great news Liz. The first cycle is very exciting, that feeling of actually being able to do something! When roughly will you be starting treatment?

    Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Roughly on 16tg January but usually very early every month just got to wait and see I suppose thanks for reply honey how are things with you sending lots of baby dust xxx

  • Hi are you on the long protocol? I just started on my first cycle a week ago! Excited to finally get going with it as I am sure you will be!

    Good luck to you πŸ€

  • Thanks love I think so to tell you truth she was showing me so many different drugs I will take cant remember the name of them all but seems to ring a bell she said when I go back they will show them me again but don't think that's whilst second day of next cycle. X

  • Hey Hi,

    That's a good news and feel so exciting. I will be starting my IVF first round (Short Protocol) soon too. Just waiting for my period. Wishing you good luck and lots of baby dust xx

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