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Update for EC and should we move to DE?

Hi All,

I'm on my second banking cycle and before we planned just to have 2 rounds of banking while waiting for the lining to be normal (DOR, AMH was 0,5). We have two embies on the freezer and look forward to have some more this cycle.

Yesterday during EC, we only managed to get one egg from 3 follicles :( and not doing any transfer as the dr said my lining was 6 mm (it was 7 mm on cd 10, can it decreased in three days?) :( Then the dr suggested to do another round of banking to get more embryos before planning any transfer.

We're doing everything private and another round was not in our plan before. Still waiting for the update of the 1 embryo from this cycle, it is fertilized but they said it's weak and will update on Saturday.

Just feeling down and tired from all this since we can't even do a proper regular ivf like everyone else. This banking and all the process are very confusing. Do you have any suggestions or experience when to give up on your own eggs and move to DE?

I was just thinking to do the transfer for the 2 embryos we have in the freezer (when the lining is good) and moving on. The thing is the dr is really persistent doing the banking and haven't done any medication for the lining, she said time should heal the lining and we're doing good. (she also said menopur was helping with the lining for this cycle and that's why it was 7 mm on cd10), but nothing on estrogen packs, viagra, etc. I live in UAE and we can't do DE here so thinking about Athens.

Sorry for long ranting, just a bit confused which way to go next.



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Hi Phris, its hard to know when to give up. We had NHS funding and when we didnt do so good, out of 3 cycles (none on 1st one and my lining decreased like yours did), we got 3 blastocysts out of cycle 2 and 3 but none took. We had already discussed DE to move onto when we had to pay for treatment, it was still hard moving on but once we did I havent looked back. Although we havent had success yet we got 6 blastocysts on our first round which confirmed what we already had been told and suspected - that my eggs were rubbish. One of the main reasons to move onto DE was that we didnt have the money to just keep going an knew that DE increased our chances....even although no guarantee of this working either. Only you can decide if this is for you and if you're ready. Feel free to have a root through my profile/posts. Sending hugs xx


Thank you so much @cinderella5 xxx

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Hey Phris, I relate to you feeling tired and confused about what your next step should be. We decided to move to DE after 4 failed rounds of IVF which yielded very low egg/embryo numbers. We self funded three of those rounds. We couldn’t afford to keep going, financially or emotionally, knowing our chances of achieving a pregnancy this way was so slim. Wishing you all the very best in your decision making xx

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Thank you dunla xxx


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