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Amh of 1.3 and only 2 follicles in right ovary

Hi I have stage 4 endometriosis

I recently went for a fertility scan and have been told I have an AMH of 1.3 and only two folicles on my right working ovary.

The ivf clinic have said I have a small chance of conceiving and mild IVF will be my best route.

Anyone else had succes with these low readings fertility wise

I need help!


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My stage4 has caused my ovaries to be in a difficult position and when I first started going to my new clinic they said it would be very unlikely that they'd be able to collect any eggs from me due to access and that maybe I should consider a egg donor. Well, I didn't and we have 3 embryos in the freezer.

I know our situations are different but I just wanted to give you s little hope and show that you never know what might happen.

Hope someone else is able to give you more relevant advice and things go ok for you.

Bob x


Thanks that is good news to read. I wish u all the best.

And gives me hope xx


Hi Sunshine, my AMH level us similar and while I haven't managed to conceive yet, I know other women with these levels have and in my own cycles I've still managed to produce some good quality embryos. Don't give up hope! I haven't tried mild IVF. Instead they've suggested I collect and freeze eggs over multiple cycles so that we have enough to choose from to be able to select a good quality embryo for transfer. This has meant a lot of work but I'm crossing my fingers it will pay off in the long-run. Good luck to you!


Thank you gives me hope

Good luck on your journey xx


It's all trial and error. They suggested natural IVF for me at first because of my age but the follicles weren't growing in the right place so moved over to full IVF. I've had two frozen cycles and both times it was with different drugs.



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