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Got My Letter!!

I booked today off work (it was my birthday weekend just gone, so it was a nice little break); I was jut pottering around the flat, cleaning up, and I heard the post come! I was so delighted to see the letter had arrived from the hospital, to enable me to choose online the place I want treatment and a date for my first appointment!

My first appointment is the beginning of March! Its getting more real now! Can anyone please tell me what I should expect at my very first appointment at the fertility?

Thanks :)

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How exciting! They will just go through your medication program and get you in to place to start

Good luck xx

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Oh ok. Thanks! :) My partner needs to come too, right? xx

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Hi, happy birthday 🎁 Great to hear you’ll be able to get things started now.

At our very first appointment the consultant looked through the notes from the doctor at our local hospital regarding the investigations we’d already had done and spoke to us about the sort of treatment we’d need. She did an internal scan on me too just to have a look for herself. Following that appointment we were placed on the NHS waiting list for IVF with ICSI.

I think it would be best for your partner to attend too if he’s able to.

Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Hi. I went to my first appointment with my husband. They went through how long we had been trying and what tests we had done so far. My GP had done the normal bloods and internal ultrasound and a semen sample for my husband- to speed things up, I got my AMH tested privately as well as follicle count scan and an HSG (dye test to check if your tubes are open). That way when we had our appointment we went straight into treatment options.

I think it is worth chatting with your other half beforehand what level of intervention you want. This depends a little on the cause of not being able to conceive. They may offer you clomid to induce ovulation rather than straight to IVF-the first is a lot less invasive but maybe ask them the relative success rates of one vs the other and it’s also your own personal choice of what you feel. If you go for IVF, if they have all the results they need they will tell you what type of protocol you will go on. Later on, when the treatment starts, a nurse goes through it with you.

Good luck on your journey! X

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Thank you Hidden and Dunla for your useful info! I had scans a couple years ago for scarring/adhesions (from my ectopic) that was causing me pain, and the hospital is aware I only have one tube, and that one is damaged from when I had it removed from there years ago; so hopefully they won't need to do many tests, but if they do I'll just have to deal with it.

I think I may just contact my GP to see if we can get a ball rolling quicker by having sperm test before hand, etc.

Thanks again. :) x


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