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Hello I have been diagnosed with having a ovarian cyst which is due to be removed in march. I had ovarian drilling following my failed 2nd ivf attempt and the consultant found a cyst then which was removed.

The one I currently have is painful at times and causes some discomfort to

Walk and carry out daily tasks

I was asked by the gynaecologist if I wanted my ovaries drilled again however my ivf consultant advices not to because it can cause tissue damage.

I'm now awaiting my 4th round of ivf but the consultant will not even look at me due to me only having a BMI of 17. I have suffered from an eating disorder for 5 years which has seemed to get worse over the last 9 months.

I was wondering what the hysteroscopy is as I have never had that mentioned to me. I am struggling with my eating disorder and I know I need to put weight on to be able to move forward but my mind won't let me. If I eat a take away for instance I will punish myself all day by eating next to nothing and the same the following day. My husband is struggling to cope with the way I am but I don't know what to do. I am seeking professional help but it seems to be a long waiting game. All I want is a baby having tried for 5 years.

Please advice as anyone been through similar situation xx

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I am sorry to hear you are going through such a rough patch. If I were you I would try to prioritise what needs to be done as there seems to many many things on your mind. Be kind to yourself and do keep the faith. Usually you can access counselling services for free via your IVF clinic or GP, so just book an appointment. They tend to be pretty quick and helped me tremendously when going through my 3 cycles. Also if you are not happy with your consultant, you are entitled to ask to see someone else within the same clinic for a second opinion. It seems though that the priority is to get your weight back in check and to feel a little bit less anxious so just focus on this in the first instance maybe?

Good luck with it all. You’ve got this girl! X


Thank you for your reply. I will speak with my clinic to ask about counselling and I'm under a eating disorder nurse now so hopefully things will get better for me. Thanks again xx


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