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To test or not to test??!!

Hi guys!

Following on from my previous post - PCOS, Metformin, usually HEAVY & serious pain (double over in tears pain) Ave. AF CD31 having to take Tranexamic Acid as much as possible to reduce blood flow & pain. 2 Days before AF usually the above amount of pain.

Currently CD34 - light brown spotting - no where near AF level - no pain (just twinges) feeling sick, fatigue, took early response home test yesterday BFN...

I know that the hormones can be all over the place with PCOS as ovulation kits never work with me. Am seeing Specialist to find out Full Hormone results on Monday - bloods were taken two weeks ago....

Advice please? could it be a BFP? or just body worked up too much & convincing my body of a false positive?

7 Years diagnosed PCOS with 2+ Year TTC - last 8 Months AF has been regular (31CD) until this month.

Am i getting my hopes up? is there any better home kits to use? do i see a doctor for bloods/dip test before monday?

thanks babes xoxo

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This is a really tough one, I also have PCOS and I’m sure my body convinces me some cycles that the tests wrong but unfortunately it’s always just my hopes that are shattered. What test did you use? You could use a clear blue to be sure. I hope you get some answers on Monday x

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I used a early response on Tuesday & a clear blue this morning and still negative! Just wish my body would sort itself out! X


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