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NHS funding

Sorry I'm posting a lot recently, today I found out we have 1 embryo waiting for day 5 to see if they can freeze it, with no possibility of a fresh transfer. This cycle lots of things seemed to have not gone to plan, so we aren't too hopeful, what I was wondering was if an NHS funded cycle doesn't reach embryo transfer is that classed as a complete cycle, or would we be entitled to another? The Nice guidelines seem to suggest so, but we all know the ccgs are not so "nice" as it were!

Thanks for any help!


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I'm under the impression unless you get a transfer it's not '1 cycle' you can always contest it. (I got a funded FET after my failed fresh by doing so even though i got a transfer)


Hi Honey...

I have had one NHS funded cycle, that did go all the way to transfer but got BFN, I then did one self funded cycle that ended up having to be frozen after they noticed polyp on my womb, but they told me that one you had EC that was funding gone, but like i said that was for private and all ccg's are different so may not necessarily be the case for you. Fingers crossed honey I hope you get your BFP either way lots of luck xxxxxxxxx


On our first cycle nothing was fertilised but it still counted as a cycle. We were lucky enough to have two cycles on the NHS. On our second try with icsi we had fertilisation but they had to be frozen. We are allowed two attempts at transfer on this cycle. Speak to your clinic though. Ours didn't always know and usually had to go and find out (which I find incredible since surely they are asked this on a regular basis). Good luck


We were told if you dont get to egg collection its not classes as one cycle so as long as they go to take eggs out its classed as one. (we are in Somerset) x


Thank you all so much for your help xx


My understanding is that it depends on the individual CCG, many of which are making cuts/changes to their funding criteria at the moment. In my area I have been told that the NHS cycle counts as soon as you that started stimulation drugs, regardless of how far things get after that. There should be someone who can check for you at your clinic if you want to be sure. Good luck!

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