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Ovulated before egg collection...worth trying naturally?!

Hello lovely ladies,

I have v low AMH and high FSH...Been seeing a clinic for about 8 months with no follicles appearing. Managed to get two just before Christmas and one is now a 3 day embryo in the freezer! Anyway, this month I had two follicles which were pretty big yesterday and egg collection was planned for tomorrow. However, my blood from yesterday showed my estrogen was dropping and LH rising and just been in for a scan which showed both follicles had collapsed (must have happened in the last 24hrs). So I'm wondering now if I should just try and catch egg/s naturally and has this ever happened with anyone else? Suggested it to my consultant and she said I could try. Taken home some Cyclogest too for next 12 days. Planning to take my husband to bed a fair bit over the next few days, but don't want to get my hopes up.(ps conceived before on Clomid and she is now 3years old!) xxx

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