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Humbled by amazing donor ladies

I have just read the profiles of 2 possible matches, and was just so humbled and touched by the wonderful pen portraits and goodwill messages they wrote. Both ladies who sincerely wanted to help other people, who had known friends who had needed ivf, and now wanted to help other people themselves. Wonderful, generous, loving messages, and both wrote such lovely goodwill messages to any future children, including saying they were open to being contacted if the child wanted that.

If you are an egg provider reading this, thank you so much for what you are doing.

I am also so glad to be at this stage. We have had various muddles and delays (why does ivf seem to attract this?!?) and just glad to finally arrive at this stage!

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These ladies are amazing, when we started looking at the pen portraits we were blown away with the selflessness of these people and the drive to help other. Defo makes a big difference in a hard process xxx


I have read 4 profiles now. The goodwill messages/motivation for each and every one of these ladies is so touching and reassuring to me that these ladies are doing this because they are so kind, not that they want to make money from their eggs. Such lovely things they are saying clearly from the heart.

It is very hard to choose. One issue for me at the moment is eye colour... no one has come through yet with my or my husband's blue eye colour. Did this bother anyone if you went for a different colour??


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