Ur all amazing!

Ur all amazing!

Hi all

I just wanted to say to each & every one of you thankyou for being my inspiration! I'm at the beginning of the infertility/ivf journey & already finding it unbelievably difficult...but I come on here most days & check in with peoples stories, and some of you have been through so much & you remain so positive....I keep trying to think to myself 'if you guys can do it so can I.' So just wanted to say thanks & that I think ur all bloody amazing and a lot stronger than you think you are! Xxx

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  • Hi hannahi. That will give all the ladies here such a boost, so thank you too. Just wanted to wish you well with your journey, and you know you're not alone. Thinking of you. Diane


  • ❤️

  • That's put a smile on my face after a crappy day!

  • Sorry was meant to say good luck! 🤞🏻xxx

  • Thank you for a lovely post Hannah, loads of luck with your treatment. You can do it, you'll be amazed what you can do! Xx

  • Aw lovely to read this thanks Hannahi good luck sweet! xx

  • What a lovely post and a brilliant time to of found this incredible group! I certainly wished I'd found it at the start of my journey but am so I glad I have now..wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Aww that's lovely, Good luck on your journey hun xx ❤

  • It's a case of having to be lol. Nice post 😊 Good luck on your journey 🍀 X

  • What a lovely post - I can guarantee you there will be good days, rubbish days, completely crap days & hopefully (in all our cases one day) some absolutely wonderful days!!! This forum is amazing & is always nice to know that you aren't on your own - there are people that know EXACTLY what you're going through. Good luck with your journey x

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