Thank you for your amazing support

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all you wonderful peeps for the most amazing, lovely messages when I posted on Sunday that our last ivf attempt with my own eggs had failed. I really appreciated each and every precious message and I'm so sorry I didn't respond to each one-have just felt to emotionally drained, I just had no words!

Without this forum I think I would seriously lose the OH isn't a talker and half my friends haven't even remembered to ask how the test went so this forum is my support & safe haven in these hard times!

I've realised I've probably missed everyone else's news while wallowing in my own self pity.I feel like I'm going to be sad 4ever but I can't feel sorry for myself indefinitely so I'm pulling my socks up and going to start trying to catch up on everyone's posts

Again big love and thanks to u all ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Huge hugs and love to you..take all the time you need.we always here xxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks Hun! Not long til your holiday now!! Might have to take a leaf out of your book xxx

  • 2 weeks today I will be in in hand and hopefully leaving all this fertility shit here as we go across atlantic😀I think holiday therapy is best money you can spend or put on visa in our case😉xxx

  • Bless you xxx

  • Hope u r doing ok xxx

  • Aaaaawwwww don't worry dear . That's exactly why we are here to support each other through d toughest roads of our lives. I'm just d same my dear I find myself lingering in this site to find support and to provide support wherever I can . Xx

  • Thanks Hun! U always give lovely words of support for all the ladies on here xxx

  • I try my best my dear 😍😘

  • Awwww cloud. You be sad when you want to be. We'll all still be here for you when you need us x

  • Thanks emu!! Hope u r looking after yourself xxx

  • What a lovely post 💗

  • Thanks xxx

  • It's sad that half your friends couldn't even remember. We're here for you xx

  • I know, it's disappointing. A few stragglers have remembered last few days and I think it seems to be a lot were confused or vague over my test date. Weirdly it's 3 of my closest friends I haven't heard from and I refuse to text them to let them know if they can't be bothered to ask when I have friends/acquaintances I've only know for a short while that have been more concerned!! I will try not to fall out over it but I know myself and know I won't forget!!!

    Glad to see things moving in right direction for u, congrats again on engagement, next cycle planned and new bunny home yet? xxxx

  • You don't need to pull your socks up, you're fully entitled to wallow but I'm sure you'll start to see your way through, maybe with the support of some of the fantastic women on here. Take care xxx

  • Thank u Hun, appreciate your kind words!! Ps I've just subscribed to Bettina Rae on YouTube after seeing your suggestion! I know I'm kind of done but thought some yoga might do me good anyhow!!x

  • Hope the yoga helps - and you're not done you're just resting until you find your path again xx

  • Been thinking of you. Sending hugs your way xx ❤

  • Thanks Hun!! I really hope you get good news at the end of your 2ww 🙏🏻😘

  • Been thinking of you, we are all here whenever your ready.

    Sending lots of love xxx

  • Thanks so much hun and congrats again on your great news!! U really deserve it xxxx

  • ❤❤❤ take care of yourself lovely xxxx

  • Thanks Hun & best of luck for tomorrow xxxx

  • Thank you xxxx

  • You are entitled to feel sad and no one on here will judge you for that. If anyone understands the enormity of it all, it's us. It does take time to begin to feel the heaviness lift but it does slowly but surely. Look after yourself and just allow all of the medication time to exit your body. That will really help to lift you. Big hug X

  • Thanks Hun!! I hope your cycle is going ok and u haven't had too many headaches/grouchiness with the meds xxx

  • Thanks. I'm actually off sick today with a migraine. 😥 x

  • Oh nooo! I spoke too soon! Hope u feel better soon x

  • Thanks. Feeling fed up already and not even started stimming yet. It all feels a bit much at the mo. With the first round, I had a sort of excitement but with this round, I just feel empty inside so coping with the side effects is even harder. I even started googling adoption options today. x

  • I thinks that's a fairly normal response to this totally abnormal situation we are all in!! And if u r anything like me, regardless that plan A isn't even done yet, I'm still always looking at plan b & c!!! My oh can only cope with plan a -he can't deal with too many options at once!! I have to have the lot in front of me!!

    Adoption would have been my choice from the start but my oh won't consider it sadly!!

    I hope that even whilst looking at other options, that I'll never need them cos I'll get ur BFP this round xxx

  • Take the time one is judging and you have lost a great deal. In your shoes, I would be an emotional wreck so I am picturing you as someone with a lionheart. Resilient. Courageous. Proud. And you are suffering now but you are not beaten yet. Just take it a day at a time. It's going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end!

    Hugs xxx

  • Oh what a lovely message thank u!!

    Must be your otd soon? Wishing u the best of luck 😘X

  • Thanks hun...bricking it for Monday 😖😖😖

  • I bet u r!! Got everything crossed for u 😘

  • Massive hugs babes xxx

  • Thanks Hun for your continued support thru all this xxx

  • Stronger by each day ❤🌈💋

  • Very true x

    And with strength we will achieve xxx

  • Big hugs.. You are strong and will get through this... Here when you need me... Lots of love 😍 xxx 💋

  • Thanks Hun! U r my rock xxx

  • Ah thanks.. You being so brave.. Xxxxx

  • What a lovely message! I get most of my support from here too as my friends dont get it at all! Lots of love xx

  • Thanks hun, it is hard not to get mad at them isn't it?! I honestly wish I'd never been so open about what we were doing then I couldn't be hurt by their lack of empathy/interest but it's difficult to go backwards once it's out there!

    Hope your cycle is going well xxx

  • Yes, I think that's one of the hardest things that they try to understand but then forget all about it and its hardly mentioned when its one of the biggest deals to go through ever! Im getting theret thanks, day 8 stims scan tomorrow, hope there are follicles! Eeeek!xx

  • Ah best of luck!! Xxx

  • Oh Cloud, I missed your news as I took time out myself after my BFN last month and have only just come back to the site so you're doing far better than me!! I'm so very sorry that this cycle didn't work out for you and sorry that you haven't had the support you need from those you care about. I feel I was really let down by one of my closest friends and am not sure how I'm going to rebuild that friendship but am focusing on what I do have and am just taking a bit of time out for now.

    I hope you are able to take the time you need to heal, and if finances allow take a holiday (we're currently in Italy and it's doing is the world of good!!) and then decide where your future takes you. Whatever you decide to do I wish you all the very best. Xx

  • Oh no I missed your news to! I'm so sorry! It's sh*t isn't it!!?? Hopefully we can lean on each other to get thru it!!

    I'm really feeling a holiday altho it may be a while as I'm a dog sitter so all booked up for the summer but might be nice to have an aim!! or even a nice weekend away before the summer dog rush!!

    Very jealous of Italy!! Enjoy xxxx

  • Just read your post from Sunday. I haven't been on here for few weeks. I'm so sorry. You always been so lovely and supportive to me.

    I really feel for you and praying something will make your dream come true.

    Stay strong xxxx

  • Thanks my darling.means a lot xxx

    I really hope that soon u may be able to relax a little and enjoy your pregnancy-I know far easier said than done! It'll be worth all the anxiety once your littl'un is here xxx

  • ❤️🤗

  • How are u doing? Just thot id check in and make sure ur ok. Sorry I haven't been in touch, just wanted to give u some breathing space x

  • I'm ok I guess, looking forward to meeting up xxx

  • Just take one day at a time and try and find the time to do something nice for you each day xxxx

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Sorry thought I'd PM'd that msg. Think the heat's messing with my brain! X

  • Ha ha I think they call it baby brain!!😂

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