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Tests before IVF

Dear all,

I know treatment (and the standard of treatment) varies widely. I am being referred fr IVF at my next appointment with the consultant. Here are the tests etc.. done so far.


FHS: 6.1, TSH 2.3, rubella - immunity detected, chlamydia - negative.

Ultrasound showed many many cysts on both ovaries. (But at a later appt consultant said I do not have PCOS because I 'don't look like PCOS' - as in physically).

Clomid - 6 cycles. 1st cycle was tracked with US every other day and a cd21 test which showed ovulation.

Next stop IVF?!!!

Does that sound right? We've been TTC 22 months. Surely there are some other tests/ things to try first?

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Other than not being able to get pregnant, do you have any symptoms like spotting during your luteal phase? Or pain at ovulation? I'm assuming you've had the standard day 3 and day 21 bloods and your other half has had SA done? X


OH has had SA done - 'well, that's obviously not the problem'.

My day 3 did not include LH. My only cd21 test was during my tracked cycle which showed ovulation on 50mg clomid.

I bypassed my GP because when I went after 12 months ttc they told me to ttc for another 12 months. I had two chemicals during the first 12 months ttc. GP told me 'have another miscarriage if you want tests.' I couldn't handle that blase attitude.

No spotting, but my cycles are on the longer side and irregular (28-39 days, avg 35).

Thanks for your help!


I'm so sorry your GP was like that. Not surprised you went straight to the specialist. So is this private treatment? If I was in your position I would want to explore more regarding thyroid function and your hormone balance to indicate whether you have PCOS or PCO. They are different and I found out today I got pregnant from a cystic follicle, so PCO is less to worry about.

There are other tests you can ask for, such as prolactin and AMH. I had 6 vials taken in November but haven't been sent the report yet to list them for you, sorry.

On your thyroid, it will likely fluctuate (much like your hormones will) but in terms of ttc, the threshold for what is acceptable thyroid function is lower than for general health. It's definitely worth pushing for more tests, I did and spend each day being thankful for our miracle (though we had a big scare this morning). But don't put off IVF either. I know it's scary, but it's also exciting and could get you where you want to be a lot quicker. Good luck xx


It's not private, just an NHS clinic that accepts self-referral if you meet the criteria (ttc more than 12 months).

Oh and I turn 34 in a month, so maybe just crack on with the ivf? Then re-assess after my NHS go when we have to go private?

Thanks for your advice.


How old are you? Depending on age and your location you may be offered iui.

Also it doesn’t look like your tubes have been tested, this should be done first.


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