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It's been a long time since I first posted on here as one of a couple who have been struggling to conceive their second child. After two years of TTC we have now completed our first IUI insemination and are now on the nail bitting 2 week wait. As with every month, we are trying to not get our hopes up and prepare ourselves for the worse. Has anyone had IUI and can advise how many they had and if anyone changed to go for IVF. We know IUI isn't as successful as IVF but as I know I ovulated, I'm 34, we have already conceived naturally so we have been diagnosed with the good old "unknown intertility" we thought it was worth a go. Any experiences will be good to hear. Thank you x

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Hi Box01. Just wanted to say I have my fingers crossed for you. With regards to IUI, maybe 2-3 tries, then on to IVF if not successful - my thoughts. Such a pain when you've been successful once, then no reason for not conceiving again! Just hope all works out for you. Thinking of you. Diane


Good luck 🙏🏽🤞 apparently with IUI each time your chances increase which is why 2 or 3 goes are recommended. Even though 3 didn’t work for us I still think it’s worth trying- my clinic assured me that it often works!! 😊 ✨💫 xxx


Hiya. Can't really give advice about how many rounds as this is our 1st IUI. Currently in the 2nd part of our 2ww just like you..couldnt read and run so thought I would wish u lots of luck and hopefully you won't need anymore iui and this is the one xx


I haven’t had iui but one set of friends had two children from three rounds of iui, another friend did five rounds of iui (one miscarriage at round three but the others all negative), moved to ivf and had her baby that way. It really does depend on the individual circumstances. Fingers crossed you will get pregnant from iui straight away x


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