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Decision time from a clinical commissioning group on NHS funded IVF ?


I am 37 and the HyCosy investigation in November 2017 showed that both my falopian tubes are blocked at the distal part. My fertility specialist suggested an IVF. However, ever since I have no answer if I am eligible for the NHS funded IVF. Does anyone knows how long does it take to get this answer from the clinical commissioning group?

Thanks a lot.

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Sorry I can't offer an answer however I found the website fertility network useful. Through them I found a link which details the 'criteria' for each CCG which I was shocked to find varied so widely. For example where I live, on the borderline between Wigan and Lancashire, I found those in Wigan wait 12 months for treatment after referal, whereas because my GP was in Lancashire I was able to start treatment right away. Obviously positive for me but not for many other ladies. Asking your GP direct will help but I really did find this resource helpful to set my expectations. I have even found myself having to correct my fertility clinic from time to time when they have assumed I am under Wigan CCG. As it even affects wait time once your treatment starts. In my case I wait a month before having a frozen transfer. If I was under Wigan I would have to have three bleeds. I know a lot of this may not answer your immediate question but it's all things I wish I had known at the start of my journey rather than finding out ad hoc as it can be hugely frustrating being in the dark xx best of luck xx


I rang the nurse at the subfertility clinic I was under (with the nhs) and she was able to answer my questions.

The first I knew that I had been accepted was an appointment letter from the ivf clinic- I never had written confirmation that I had funding.



I have one tube blockage and my gna gave me the options either laparoscopy or ivf. So we decided to go straight to IVF then I told my gna my decision as we were trying over 2 years and were eligible For NHS ivf. Basically you need to speak to your gna first and then if needed speak with your gp for ivf referral. Make sure you look at the crrtira they look for NHS ivf. I mean you can Google it and see if you meet all requirements. Good luck x


I got an answer within a couple of days and an appointment within the month and then started treatment on my next period xx


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