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Ovulation tests


I am waiting to have my frozen egg transfer but been taking ovulation tests since day 10, for the past 4 days I have had a flashing smiley face which says I am nearly ovulating but I need a static smiley. Has anybody had this and still ovulated that month or have you missed a month. I am just worried as according the the instructions on test I should only have a flashing smiley for 2days before a static. Any news will help thanks 😀😀

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I've had flashing faces for over a week before. Admittedly that was after a chemical. But I would regularly get flashing faces for over 4 days before ovulation, average would probably be 5. The flashing just happens from the start of the estrogen rise which can be a few days. Don't worry about it just yet, though I appreciate the pressure you're feeling right now. Good luck for your FET xx


Thankyou, I have bought a new kit today thinking it may of been a faulty test ha ha x


Oh no, keep going with the same electronic reader. If you change now it will need to detect a baseline, then an estrogen rise. I don't know whether it would immediately pick up an LH surge. It may, but I wouldn't want to risk it. Good luck xx


I have had this in the past.


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