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FET Withdrawal Bleed

Hi guys,

So I need a bit of advice please!!

I’m currently taking medication for my first FET cycle. I stopped taking Norethisterone on 29.12.17 and started having a withdrawal bleed yesterday.

I’m still taking Buserelin spray 5 times a day and will start taking Progynova in a couple of weeks.

This cycle i’m probably a bit more conscious of everything but i’ve noticed that my withdrawal bleed is of a heavier than normal and there seems to be more menstrual clots than i’ve noticed before. I’m hoping that this is a good sign that my lining it thicker but the dreaded google sera h seems to have conflicting advice! It’s still a bright red (sorry tmi!) so I’m guessing thats a good thing.

Has anyone had this and then gone on to have a BFP?

My ET date is due to be the end of Jan so I’m trying to eat healthy and I’m still taking all the vitamins so I’m not sure what else I can do to get a “healthy” uterus.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!

Thanks ladies.

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When I’ve been on buserelin my withdrawal bleeds have been heavier than a normal period and it’s the same this time round. It sounds like a good thing to me as it’s meaning you’re getting a good base down regulation which will hopefully then mean you can build a nice new lining ready for your Frostie to snuggle in to x


Thank you.. I’m hoping thats the case.

These medications mess with you don’t they, make you worry about every little thing.

Fingers crossed it’s a positive sign.

Goodluck with your cycle x


Hi Laura, I’m also aiming for ET end of January. I had endo scratch and prostap injection for down reg last Thursday and started my bleed yesterday. Oh my goodness, it is SO heavy. I was up three times last night with it. And the cramps are horrendous.

As for the healthy uterus I’m trying to eat well and drink lots of water. Minimal sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, pregnacare conception multivitamin. Trying to keep my feet and abdomen warm from now on, layers and cosy socks. I’m not eating or drinking anything very cold. Water at room temperature and eating warming foods. Rock and roll lifestyle! I think you’re supposed to make sure you’re getting enough iron (leafy green veg etc) and protein. Can’t think of anything else at the minute.

Wishing you the very best of luck in the coming weeks. Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on xx


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