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How to choose a private clinic

Happy new year everyone!

Sadly we had a failed NHS funded ICSI with donor sperm and it was our only shot. We're now gonna go private but trying to find a fertility clinic is very overwhelming. We live in Buckinghamshire. We're also considering clinics abroad as hubby would prefer donor anonymity but this is not our main criteria. I understand that we can't discuss clinics openly in the forum so I'd be very happy if you could PM me with your recommendation please.

Many thanks xx

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Hello dear. It's a pleasure to read you. I am currently attending a clinic abroad. They have been very good to me and have helped me the most with my treatment. If you like, I can give you information about them.

At first I did not trust much but then check that if they work in a great way.

You have a good day.


Hi Leonor,

Yes please, It would be great if you could PM me the detail of the clinic that you are attending.

Best of luck with your treatment xx


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