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choosing a clinic for NHS funded in Surrey

Hi ladies

Been TTC for 3 years and I have endo.

I have finally found out that we are eligible for funding in Surrey. We have a choice of having our 2 cycles at either Kingston ACU, Croydon Health or Nuffield Woking and I'd be so grateful if anyone who has used or is currently using these for NHS cycles could let me know their thoughts. It so so hard to decide with so many different factors. Especially any ladies with endo related infertility!

Thanks so much x

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Yes i went to Kingston for my funded round of IVF, I wouldn't recommend it, I'll PM you xx


Thanks x


Hi Hannah143 - not sure if you still log in here at all, but wanted to ask if you could share your experience via DM? I have also picked Kingston ACU as the consultant we were referred to has been wonderful in handling the case. We are currently waiting for funding to be approved but now that I've dug deeper / researched other people's experience, I'm wondering whether we should have picked Woking Nuffield...


Have you looked on the hfea website to look at what they can offer and previous success rates?

We had the same choices as you. "Luckily"?! we knew several couples that had been to the Nuffield and had been successful.

For us, we looked at the success rates, which one was closer to home/work to reduce any additional stress and also we went to an open evening at the Nuffield to see what we thought.

The building decor isn't that up to date, but the nurses are lovely and remember you as a person.

We've had our two fresh and one frozen cycles there and got two bfp's, but sadly miscarried.

Just in the process of our next cycle.

In terms of endo, I've got it and I guess it's a case by case decision that they make about what will work best for you.

Happy clinic shopping :-)

Anything you want to know, just shout!!


Thanks for your reply. Yes been weighing up all the data but it's nice to get some real life experience from people who've been. Fingers crossed for this cycle xxx

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I would definitely recommend Nuffield Woking everyone is so lovely there x


they do seem to have good feedback which is encouraging! My fertility consultant at the mo has a terrible bedside manner so would be nice to be with a good team!


Hi Smithster - what clinic did you end up going with?


Hey lovely we went for the Nuffield as they just had the best success rates and weren't a satellite clinic -they do it all there rather than your partner having to transport the eggs and sperm.

We really liked them and I got pregnant on my first round. I had my baby boy last week 😊

Good luck!


omg that is wonderful news! Massive congratulations! Kingston ACU are waiting for our forms back, to apply for funding, so I am on the fence about withdrawing from Kingston and switching to Woking Nuffield. Need to make the decision by the end of this week; so I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for responding! xx


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