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Assisted hatching

Hey Everyone! Happy new year 🎉, heres hoping that all our dreams come true this year!

Just need a little advice. I had a fresh cycle of IVF in November, they only managed to get 5 eggs, 3 fertilized and only 2 were good to transfer. Unfortunately I got my period before I was due to even test. I still went in for the blood test tho. Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with the dr and he said there was some HSG in my blood which means one of the embryo’s did attach for a while but obviously didnt survive. We are starting another fresh round of IVF at the end of this month. He has changed my medication as follows. From Gonal F to now Pergoveris (to try get more follicles) and he is adding Estrifan tablets to take with the Crinone gel. He said this is top of the priority list of things to change and he said perhaps we can try assisted hatching but thats entirely up to us as there are mixed reviews on this. Has anyone had assisted hatching done and what is everyones feeling on this?

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