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DHEA and low amh - where to have DHEA levels tested before taking supplements?

Hi ladies, let’s hope for a happy new year ahead!!

Looking for advice.. I have low AMH (3.1) and had a failed ivf cycle in September after a poor response that resulted in only one embryo to transfer (top quality but didn’t stick sadly).

I’m thinking of ordering micronised DHEA in the hope it may increase my chance of falling pregnant naturally but have done a lot of reading up and think it’s worth having testosterone/cortisol and dhea levels tested first to see if there’s an imbalance. Anyone had this done and if so where ??

Also can anyone tell me more about low amh? This is the only test result that might explain my infertility but I’ve been given very little info on it other than the clinic saying it’s to determine dose of ivf drugs. Will I hit menopause early? My fsh is normalish (9.9) and follicle count ok at around 9. I am assuming based on all of this that I have low ovarian reserve though nobody has actually said it. I also worry there may be another problem given the ivf didn’t work with a good embryo.

Having a bit of a down day as have 2 babies in the family due very soon and finally having to face the fact they will soon be here and I need to be ready to be happy for my sister and sil

Hugs to all xxx

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Hey Clara, did you go ahead with DHEA? my consultant has recommended I do and so I’m about to order some from the states. My AMH is 2.3, FSH 6.9 and follicle count variable!


Hi Tigergreen, I tried DHEA a while back on my OE cycles and although I didnt get my BFP, my embryos did much better and Im sure this is what made the difference and is worth a shot. Feel free to have a look at my previous posts, I'll not bore you. Wishing you luck!xx

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Amazing thanks Cinderella x

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I have it ready to take from day 1 of my next cycle. I got my dheas blood level checked through a medichecks finger prick test & it’s mid range. I am slightly worried that taking dhea will tip me towards an estrogen balance and I already worry that I have slightly low progesterone so I’m going to keep an eye on it. Please let me know how you get on with it. Good luck let’s hope it works for us ! X


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