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AMH increase after taking supplements for 6 weeks.


So after being diagnosed with a very low AMH level for my age (4.5 pmol - I'm 29) I did some research and have been taking dhea, unbiquinol, pregnacare plus extra vit d, vit e&c and omega 3 and got my level retested and it has risen to 7.1 pmol in just 6 weeks.

Starting to feel a little more positive about my upcoming ivf.

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Thats amazing 2 hear xx

I took DHEA and I'm almost positive that it made a difference for me although no evidence. Great to see your test results & wishing you heaps of luck!xx

I took DHEA and Ubiquonol for my 4th round and am now 12 weeks pregnant. I am 100% convinced that those supplements are the reason!! Good luck for your cycle! x

this happened to me too xx

This is amazing! Wishing you tons of luck :))

All these positive stories start to intrigue me. Where did you buy DHEA and Ubiquinol? My partner and I are taking Boots His and Hers conception, but perhaps integrating more might help us as well!

Rose2303 in reply to MofM


I ordered the umbiqinol from amazon and the dhea from biovea. X

MofM in reply to Rose2303

Great! Thanks! What about the 'dose'? Boots alone offers Co-Q10 (Ubiquinol) in pills with 30, 50, 100, and 200 mg 🤔

Rose2303 in reply to MofM

I take 300mg of umbiqinol and 75 mg dhea.

I took uniquinol, dhea, vit d, omega 3, vit c, before round 3. I had never reached a blastocyst on my previous cycles. I had a higher dose of drugs got more eggs (prob due to the higher dose) but had 2blastocysts. I’m now 8 weeks pregnant with one in the freezer. The supplements definitely helped. Xx

I also took DHEA, Ubiquinol, Omega 3, Vit D, pregnacare multivitamin before getting my succesful pregnancy. Current nearly 21 weeks. Wish I had got AMH tested again as I was 1.3 at first test!xx

Wow that's a brilliant result, good for you, an NHS fertility doctor told me that is not possible to improve AMH, that it can only go down, not up. I'm glad I don't listen to their negativity which in must case has no basies or a logical reason to backup their claim.

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