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Progynova and Cetrotide for frozen cycle

Hi all, about to starts first frozen cycle. 3 tablets daily of Progynova and 0.25mg Cetrotide daily. I know I need to inject in the morning and space the pills out but does anyone know if I need to take a pill before the injection? I start work early so would need to inject at 7am each morning. Thanks in advance for any advice as a little confused xx

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Hi. No need to space the pills out unless they make you feel sick. I just took all three in the morning. Can’t help on the injection as I didn’t have to have them currently 18 weeks with my rainbow xx


I don’t think it matters. My husband used to do mine in the evening, sometimes I’d take my last tablet before he did it but other times it would be after

Good luck x


Thanks both. Ready to start tomorrow. Good luck to everyone for 2018 xxx


I spaced my tablets out, so one in the morning, noon and evening, as advised by my clinic


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