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Low bhcg question

Hello all

I have posted replies to questions before but not really posted queries. I am hoping there may be some answers here that help.

I had a day5 frozen embryo transfer 9 days ago. This morning I had a blood test and the result came back as 5. The clinic have advised that on this occasion the process has not therefore been successful and that I should stop all drugs and expect a period within 7 days.

I am tempted to continue and do hpt tomorrow and Sunday. Just to be sure. I have read on some websites that the results can be low at this point.

What would you do? As the clinic suggests and stop everything? Or as I would like to do and stubbornly continue in slight Hope?

Thanks all


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Personally I'd be stubborn like you suggest and do a HPT, make sure it's frer though as I understand they are the most sensitive. From what I understand, test day is normally 10 or 11dpt. If you get to Monday and it's still negative then that's when I'd stop. Others will have more experience though 😁 xx

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Thank you Jacqui84. I shall definitely xx


I had a 5dt transfer and my test day was 13dp so I would definitely continue on and do a HPT in a few days time.

You hear of these miracle stories all the time and it can happen!

Every ones bodies are different and you could have implanted later. Fingers crossed for you xxx


Thank you Chatelle. Fingers crossed xx

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