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Help with timescales???

Hi Girls,

I'm 28 healthy weight etc, needing ICSI due to my partner having Cystic Fybrosis so he cannot produce sperm naturally. He has already had his procedure to extract the sperm direct from his testicles which was done back in October and results can back fine for us to go ahead with ICSI 👏🏼👍🏿

I have my drugs appointment on 10th Jan. I'm starting norethisterine on 12th Jan which is Day 16 of my cycle. I think I'll be on these for 10 days. Then am I right to say I'll bleed then start my stims or start my stims on day 1? I'm on a short protocol so these for 10 days? Then on the 10th day I'll have my scan and have the Eggs removed? How long is it from removal to retrieval?

I'm just trying to work it out so I can pre book time off work to avoid me having to tell them? Did anyone get a sick note for any of the procedures?

I'm an NHS client at the Hewitt fertility centre in Liverpool.

THANKS Emma xx

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Hi Emma, trying to think back to my last ICSI cycle. Think I was short flare protocol. Stims for me was usually 10-12 days. During that time you attend your clinic for scans to see how follicles are developing. They may change the dose of your drugs or get you to do an extra day or two. Things can change. Then all being well you’ll have your trigger shot about 36 hours before egg collection. On the day of egg collection your eggs will be injected with your partners sperm and the embryologist will ring you the next morning to let you know about fertilisation rates and how many embryos have been created. The lab will keep in touch with you to let you know how your embryos are developing and what day they want you to come for embryo transfer. Then you’ll have your two week wait until you take a pregnancy test. I took time off work for some of my cycles. On my first cycle I had no idea what to expect so I got signed off for 6 weeks to cover everything . On another cycle I got signed off for the egg collection, transfer and two week wait. I actually told my manager why I was off work which helped for me. Wishing you the very best of luck for your cycle xx

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Thank you so much for the reply. Sorry I have only just been on here.

Iv had a text to say my drugs will be delivered tomorrow, again has made me excited and nervous too! It's actually happening!!

Would people recommend booking that much time off? Would you say it's necessary? I'm not sure if that much time at home would send me a little crazy just waiting?

Iv been taking folic acid, vitamin D and multi vitamins, anything else people would recommend?

Iv also cut off alcohol now and won't be touching any at all. I have drank quite abit over December but that's me done now.



I took full 6 weeks off first time round as I hadn’t a clue what to expect. A few days off for egg collection / embryo transfer is probably enough. Some people also like to take it easy during the two week wait also. Everyone is different. Work can definitely be a distraction from the treatment but I suppose it depends how you’re getting on / how you’re feeling.

You could also avoid caffeine and drink plenty of water.


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