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Great post on reasons for IVF failure

A little outdated but this post details some possible reasons for IVF failure and potential solutions:


I’m going to bring up some of these things at my follow up appointment.

Merry Christmas everyone, although it can be a difficult time of year I hope everyone gets to relax a little over the break xx

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I read this just the other day and its a great guide to get some ideas from!xx

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Thank you for this. This is really a great post.

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Thanks for posting. A really helpful list x

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Amazing info.

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Thanks for this. Great read & gave me a little hope there’s more out there than the protocol I was on.

Made me feel better this morning.

Merry Christmas

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I’m glad it made you feel better. Information is power!

I’ve been doing a lot of research this week and it has made me feel a little more positive. I think when things fail it’s natural to want to make a change, even though sometimes it’s just down to rotten luck. However you never know what might just make the difference next time!


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Thank you for this! It’s confirmed and opened my eyes to actual treatment for problems I had suspected but doctors continue to ignore.

But now I’m also anxious... as I don’t know whether I should switch clinics to the one mentioned often in that forum in London or to somewhere more sympathetic and open minded.

I have hashimotos hypothyroidism and I think other immune/inflammatory issues plus I feel the progesterone support wasn’t enough in my last transfer.

I am due to have FET at the same clinic but not started the process yet. Consultant is usually quite good but seems unbothered by thyroid antibodies (although keen on right TSH levels) and seems to want to undergo standard protocols for the FET. That link shows a lot of people taking steroids to control their antibody levels



Sorry to hear that, it’s frustrating when you don’t feel you’re being listened to. Are you receiving any treatment at all for the Hashimoto’s? It may be worth getting a second medical opinion to put your mind at ease.

We have to have so much faith in the doctors treating us as we’re investing so much, it’s worth making sure you’re happy with the person treating you and the reasons for their protocol choice.

The London clinic you mentioned is known for high success rates and that may matter more to some people than a sympathetic ear - my sister actually knows two people with entirely different opinions based on their experience so I do think it comes down to what you feel most comfortable with.

None of this is easy is it? Sending you lots of luck for your next round, I hope it works out for you 😊


Thanks ☺️

I’m only being treated with thyroxine(t4) not t3. Nothing for antibodies either.

They just seemed to ignore it.

I’ve read that selenium and gluten free diet can help reverse antibodies so I will be trying that.

Plus I have a lot of deficiencies with vit D, B and iron etc that I’m just working on building up my health.

Will be talking to consultant again in new year so will discuss my concerns again.

Hope everything works out for you too x


This is a great resource. Thanks for posting!


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