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Severe period pain but no bleed. Any advice?

I retested Saturday as instructed by my clinic and bfn so Friday was the last time I took progynova and utrogestan.

I've had cramping on and off. Yesterday I assumed my period would start as the cramping got intense like it normal when I start my period. I have severe endometriosis so my periods are usually painful and heavy.

So the pain has been its usual intensity needing to take my meds but I'm not bleeding, I haven't even spotted.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this after stopping meds after a bfn?


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Sorry to hear you got a negative, it’s so devastating. I’m in the same boat - finished my meds and now waiting for my period but no idea what to expect, thought it would start immediately. My left ovary has been causing me pain since the middle of the 2WW which scares me a little. Just think it’s part of the process though. Just want to get this over and done with so I can move on.

Sending you big hugs xx


Cant really offer too much advice but I had a horrendous time after my last BFN - Im very lucky in teh fact that mine are never that bad. I had awful cramping to the point of tears and it was probably around a day before I started actual bleeing! Look after yourself and I hope it eases when the bleeding starts!xx


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