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Advice/reassurance after miscarriage

Hi all,

We had our appt at the fertility clinic yesterday- the first one since the miscarriage about 4 weeks ago. We were prescribed clomid but the new consultant we saw told us not to take it due to the fact that, with my womb abnormality, if I conceived twins, then it would likely end in miscarriage or very premature birth. He’s given us another 6 months to try before we have our first attempt at ivf.

However I’m just so worried that I’m going to keep miscarrying with my unicornuate uterus. Anyone have any reassurance or advice that I can do to prevent this? I don’t think I can go through this heartache again..

Thanks all xx

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So sorry for your loss, my friend fell pregnant with twins through clomid and has a unicornuate uterus she did lose one baby but the other has continued to grow strong and healthy and is due beginning of the year. I can’t give any advice on prevention but just wanted you to know there is hope. I hope you decide to do what’s best for you, this journey definitely isn’t easy xx


Oh wow, congratulations to your friend! Thank you, hope you’re okay xx


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