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2failed rounds, poor egg quality, help!

Hi everyone

I’m 34 with endometriosis, ttc for 2.5 years. 2 failed rounds of ivf. The consultant had looked at the time lapse photography and has said that the way the embryos divide up to day 3 show the eggs are poor quality. Already on coq-10 and tried a high protein diet for round 2.

What can I do to help? There is only a 7% chance of conceiving naturally in 1 year.

Any advice welcome, thank u xx

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Dhea, 25mg 3x a day. Increase your coq10 to ubiquinol and take 600mg per day along with PQQ. Royal jelly. Inositol. That’s what’s seemed to help me begin to get better results.

I’m similar with poor egg quality xx


Thank u, where do I get dhea, PQQ abc inositol from? Xx


You have to get the dhea from the US as you need micronized - I bought a brand called MRM from ipumpshop website. The rest I get on amazon - the brand “health thru Nutrition” do ubiquinol in 300mg and is the best value, and I buy their PQQ too. The inositol I buy from amazon too, brand Jarrow formulations in powder form, a rounded teaspoon daily in water.

This is all from lots of research I’ve done, and my clinic know about it. Zita west recommends inositol for egg quality, and dhea is good for egg quality and numbers but not good if you have pcos. The pqq enhances the effect of the ubiquinol - have a google and see what you think xx


Thank u so much. My consultant gave me no guidelines just said take the supplements if it makes I feel better, with no guide on dosing



I’m taking DHEA and CoQ10. I don’t think DHEA is suitable for everyone, so please make sure you speak to you doctor if you decide to take it. My clinic recommended me to take both.

Good luck!


Hi Penny, I too potentially have poor egg quality due to polycystic ovaries and age (39). Yes, I follow a high protein diet (plant based protein with every meal) and take CoQ10 and Inofolic sachet. I buy the latter directly from the producer on-line. I take high quality micronutrients from NHP, which I also buy on-line. I hope this helps.


I agree with Orla9298 DHEA is worth a try for sure along side the others you're taking. I took it and my eggs defo did better although we did not get the magic BFP and my clinic now suggest it to patients to give it a try. I know another girl that took it after I'd been speaking about it and she is now pregnant with twins!! I have now started with DE (Im a older, now 40) but glad I tried the DHEA! Wishing you lots of luck!xx


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