Poor quality embryos

So i had my bfn this morning. Was my last chance with ivf too so needless to say I'm not coping too well today.

Just curious if any ladies out there have poor embryos? I think its the embryos as to why it didn't work as i never get any to freeze. That's my theory any way.

Just curious what options are if eggs are dying off before day 5 or just after? Are there any tests I can have or would it be day 3 transfer or would i be looking at donor eggs?

Been reading up and as I'm type 1 diabetic it says it can destroy the quality of eggs and yet my diabetes team deny this! Just wanting some answers other than " these things happen". After 4 attempts I'm becoming increasingly frustrated.

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  • I am sorry it didn't work. I am by no means an expert, but If you cannot be helped through in vitro cos of poor egg quality, what about consider using donor eggs then?

  • The donor eggs was brushed on slightly at my last follow up consultation. The doctor felt that as i did fall pregnant on my last cycle ( ended in mc and hospitalised with ohss) that it can be done. I was just meant to be freezing to stop ohss but they said they wouldn't survive the thaw.

    I'm not fully against donor eggs but would like to know more about why mine fail or if there is an issue with them.

    It just confuses me as i had 3bb and 3 bc on both times yet last time they said they were not so good blastocysts and tgis time they said they were top quality. So I'm so confused.

    Feeling like my clinic are not very good and i should seek a second opinion somewhere else.

  • Hi soapsuds86

    I'm so sorry Hun, it's so hard. I too have had my bfn this morning, my 3rd attempt of IVF . Bizarrely had iui and first attempt, but sadly had ectopic and lost my tube. Hence the start of IVF . I also never seem to manage to have eggs to freeze although I do have a decent amount and always 70% fertilisation. Feel so frustrated and need to find some answers. Before this cycle we had a lot of blood tests which come back all normal. I'm now thinking of having some chromosome tests done on both myself and hubby. And nkiller cells test is also something we are thinking about. Do you have acupuncture. ?I've always had it and increased the amount of times I had it through this cycle and it did improve my egg quality. Whether this was a factor I don't know. Also my protocol was changed to short protocol, which can also increase egg quality. Which was you on? I hope you have lots of friends and family to help you get through this and understand how hard it is for us who are desperate to have a family. Sending lots of love. Xx

  • Sorry for your bfn this morning too. 😘 big hug!!

    I've never been offered any other kind of tests but certainly am going to ask now! Well i did ask for the intralipid infusion as I'm diabetic do thought this may help. I haven't had nk cells tested but i wanted this!

    However i had my scans at one clinic and egg collection/embryo transfer at another as my clinic do not do a ga. He agreed but as there was doubt as to when to put embryos back in he then changed his mind on having it done.

    I'm on long protocol. Had a short protocol the second time and it was even poorer quality embryos.

    Yeah i have acupuncture too. Love it!! I did get embryos lasting up to day 3 which i didnt have before ( had 12 fertilised and 11 by day 3), so could be something to do with it. My accupuncturist said my embryos are getting stronger but bloody hell its a long process!

    I get 70% fertilisation too and nome to freeze. Starting to feel paranoid that maybe the clinic keep them for research and just say they've failed. Just cant believe never had any to freeze.

    I haven't told anyone yet. Can't face family and friends right now. Got a bottle of wine with my name in it though tonight 👌

  • Our clinic the same scans in one clinic egg collection and transfer in another. Have you rang clinic yet with result I have and booked a follow up for next week. Want answers to all my questions before i go back to work. I have bn off since egg collection. I feel I need to try again as I can't live with the what if!!! I'm 38 next year so not over the hill yet!!! 😕but never thought I be this age and still trying for my family. I have decided to go out for a meal with hubby tonight and course big bottle of wine. Xxx

  • 39 on Saturday😍great age

  • Hey soap suds

    In 2 extractions none have made it to day 5

    First cycle 16 with 15 fertilised

    Second cycle I threw up in egg collection( in spain No general anaesthetic or sedation) got 8 all fertilised.

    Now in last try without much hope tbh but not implanting 3 day ones, only if get to day 5 fed up of the 2ww when the others already died. Taking medication for nothing.

    Might try donor eggs as clearly something occurring when they get together

    Good luck and a massive hug

  • I agree with Helenlou, and the idea of acupuncture sounds great. I am not sure if preimplantaion diagnosis works in yr case, but I would ask a doc if she/he recommends combining ivf with PGS NGS

  • I had 12 embryos and told good quality in a reputed IVF clinic.I had OHSS and could not transfer.

    I opt to freeze and day 5 all is over.

  • Hey same here, mine have never made it to day 5😞

  • Doctors recommended antagonist cycle to prevent over stimulation and collect few quality embryos and transfer without freeze. Doctor still says I had good embryos.I can't believe all 12 could die.

    Speak to your doctor for best options.

    Iam 37 years old on hypothyroid medication.

    I have lost hope and thinking of donor egg IVF to avoid disappointments.

  • I'm the same atm in all honesty. I'm completely numb and deverstated to the point i don't even know what I'm sad about any more xx

  • Thats deverstating. Big hugs! That's awful xx

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