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Overstimulation = poor quality eggs?

Hello ladies my first time on here. I have just had my 1st cycle ICSI ivf, I produced 10 eggs and 5 fertilised. I had a 3dt with 2 embies but was told they were all not very good quality, fragmented and irregular. Just wanted some feed back regardeing research that indicates high stimulation results in poor quality eggs. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you all in advance

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Sorry forgot to say my 1st cycle was a bfn , I was not surprised as I have been trying for 12 yrs and have low ovarian reserve.


I’m trying natural modified ivf at the moment, which is very low dose drugs. It’s based on lower dose drugs helping to make better quality embryos. I have low amh.

Before this I did two rounds on maximum dose drugs and both rounds everything was very poor quality or stopped developing. I just did my first round of natural modified and have a good quality embryo frozen (have 2 more rounds to go before we will transfer). I am hoping that we will get another couple of good quality embryos.

But don’t lose faith in your embryos - a friend of mine was told all her embryos were very poor and had little chance and she had two put in, and she has lovely twin boys now!


Thank you for your reply. I would love to know how you get on as I am wondering if a more natural approach would mean a more successful outcome. Good luck


I had a brilliant embryo no fragmentation and it didn't make it. I think everyone's different xxx


You haven't said what protocol you had, but i have low ovarian reserve and had 3 cycles of long protocol ICSI on max drugs never more than 5 eggs collected and never any top quality embryos. Only ever got to one medium quality day 2 transfer which never grew. This time my consultant recommended short protocol, different drugs for less time. Also took DHEA. Got 6 collected, 3 embryos and had 2 top quality very regular transferred. Just in 2ww now, crossing fingers! x


There is some evidence that the more drugs used that the poorer quality the eggs are, I discussed this with my embryologist and they pretty much said they were between a rock and a hard place due to my age etc. Have you tried using DHEA and Ubiquinol as I felt this helped my embryo quality on following rounds. Lots of things to ask your clinic at your next appointment, you could always ask regarding short protocol which may help but you may get much less eggs.xx


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