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Embryo Update

So just had a call from our clinic. I’ve not been feeling positive about this at all and I was right.

Transfer is possibly tomorrow but at the moment they are not sure if we will get it.

Have two grade 4 & 5 with 5 being the worst. She say 4 is good cell amount but lots of fragmentation and 5 is a nice embryo but a bit slow so not sure if it will get there.

Feeling deflated. This was our last chance as we said we would go private once.

I am just a bit fed up with the whole thing now. Something that should be so easy is so hard.

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Waiting for those calls from the clinic after egg collection is absolutely agonising. Fingers crossed you get your transfer tomorrow , really hoping you have a positive outcome x

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Aww sorry to hear this hope you still get good news xx

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Hi Hopeful28. Just keeping everything crossed that ET has gone/is going ahead today as planned. Thinking of you. Diane

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